Parent files lawsuit against Cedar Springs schools

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CEDAR SPRINGS, Mich. — A lawsuit filed this week in federal court alleges that administrators at Cedar Springs Public Schools neglected to address an assault on their campus.

The lawsuit was filed by the mother of a girl who was 15 years old and a sophomore at Cedar Springs High School at the time of the alleged incidents.

Beginning in the fall of 2014, the lawsuit alleges, a male student with an adjoining locker to the girl began to “slam the door of the lockers” into her. The suit says she reported the behavior to a school security officer, who told her the boy “likely had a crush” on her and was probably “flirting.”

The lawsuit says that when another administrator was notified about the incidents, she told the girl that “it’s horseplay” and that there was nothing the district could do about it.

The harassment is alleged to have continued, and on Oct. 9 of that year, the defendant is said to have slammed the locker door into the girl’s head so hard that it left her with lasting pain.

The lawsuit claims that security video of this incident existed, but that school officials have stated that it was “too blurry” to make out anything definitive.

The filing says that the girl was taken to the hospital after this, being diagnosed with “vestibular dysfunction, including dizziness, fatigue and some memory dysfunction,” as well as “daily headaches.”

The girl was apparently not able to return to school until Oct. 17, 2014.  At some point after this, the girl’s parents filed a complaint with police. The lawsuit claims the defendant was eventually charged with assault and battery. After this, the lawsuit says the girl was taunted and bullied by the defendant and his friends.

The parents allege in the lawsuit, among other things, that the school failed to take any action that would address the harassment against their daughter.

They are asking for compensatory and punitive damages from the school district, as well as a an injunction that would require the district to take steps to avoid similar incidents in the future.

FOX 17 reached out to school administration but was told they currently have no knowledge of the lawsuit being filed.

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  • steve

    This lawsuit should never go to court in the first place, or be laughed out of it if it does. It’s a money grab by the mother and nothing more.

    • K

      so it’s OK to get harassed by people and continuously report the issue to the school staff who do nothing to prevent it from happening again? The school is a learning environment and the job of the schools administration is to make sure it is a safe environment. It is BS that this family had to take the issue to police because the school did NOTHING but blow her off. As a mother with a child in high school, students can’t even stand up for themselves and defend themselves anymore. If a student chooses to do so, they will be suspended. The school should be held accountable for not acting on bullying. maybe not financially but need to have a plan for dealing with this kind of crap. Cedar Springs high school has had a few suicides over the past couple years due to situations of bullying. Obviously it is an issue that hasn’t been dealt with.

    • floyd

      steve do have kids or what.. this is no joke.. you must think its ok for other kids to mess with your kids or what. this happens all the time where a kid will tell teacher that there is a problem and NOTHING GETS DONE ABOUT IT.. its sad that it had to come to this vs being took care of by the school.. but the school cant do anything to kids anymore cause there afraid of being sued. but it really come back to how parents raise there kids. kids need learn to be nice and not mean to other kids. if i ever hear of my kids being mean to another kid we will have a long talk they will not enjoy.. oh by the way i had this same problem with my kid when she went to greenville.. since then we have switched schools. i have no respect for greenville schools anymore and i went there my whole life..

    • shelli

      Who cares if it’s a money grab. The boy was wrong and the school did nothing about it. So the school is wrong. The only was to get some to pay attention is to hit them in the pocketbook. Bet problems like this won’t happen at that school ever again.

  • M

    yeah this school is terrible my daughter was being stalked and harassed by a boy all year and the school did nothing basically told my daughter to deal with it and on last day of school he was following her around for most of the day and he also told her its not over to which not sure what the boy is talking about. even after we called police and they told the boy to stay away from her he still would sit at her lunch table so that she could not sit with her friends again school did nothing and he was on same bus as her he would say bad things about her on the bus so school was going to make her change buses when she did nothing wrong so they made the boy change buses only after a bunch of bull like it was her fault that he won’t leave her alone. my daughter missed a lot of school this year because she was very afraid of him making up a story and going to the school counselor he had done it in the past and got her in trouble by saying he had proof of her doing something she should not be doing so school counselor believed him but she never saw proof but the kid is a very smart student I guess thats why she believed him and told my daughter she needed to admit what she had done even though there was no proof of anything.

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