Stylish, delicious, and patriotic items made by Moms in the USA

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Stacked – Various prices

Image result for the stacked collection

The Stacked Collection- Stack 15

  • Quality
  • Fashion Forward
  • Handmade by owners
  • Family company
  • Celebrity loved: Carrie Underwood is frequently seen wearing these.

Beer Cap Maps - Michigan Beer Cap Map - $48 (both pieces), $39 (LP or UP ONLY)


Beer Cap Maps

  • Gives people's love of beer a higher purpose!
  • Now your drinking habit can create a one of kind piece of art that can remind you of all your good beer and fun travels.
  • Family-owned and proudly manufactured in Wisconsin.

Beer GreetingsBeer Greetings Six-Pack Holder - $4.95, Big Bottle Gift Tag - $3.95 in Patriotic Design


Patriotic Beer Greetings

  • Innovative six-pack carrier + greeting card in one - gift packaging for beer!
  • Allows you to write a personalized note to the recipient.
  • Can also be filled with BBQ sauce, olive oils, salsas - or even condiments and cutlery for the party!

Lovable Lobes - $16-$18

  • These genuine leather earrings are weight-less, wearable for anyone that's looking for fashionable accessories without hanging heavy and your Lobes.
  • Handmade locally in West Michigan, with high quality products and all nickel free hooks.
  • Over 6 shapes and and endless color selection to fit everyone's style needs. Easily worn with workout attire and transitions to a night out on the town.

Clean Candle Company Soy Candles- $21 and up

Smoke and Odor Reducer Candle // Soy Candle // Pet Odor Eliminator // 16 oz // Gift // Kitchen // Home // Gift for Her

  • Clean-burning / nothing harmful in your home.
  • Farmhouse decor that will work great in anyone's home.
  • Lasts longer than paraffin candles.

Ship Party Return Party Packs- prices vary

Proud Patriot Plus Pack

Proud Patriot Plus Pack

  • Business Model: Select party pack to be shipped to you, party, then return by Day 5! Making Pinterest Board come to life on a fraction of Etsy's budget!
  • Stylish: On trend, high quality decor that is also customizable.
  • Convenient: No more driving to multiple stores looking, no more storing decor you will never use again!

Grand Traverse Pie Company Cherry Crumb Pie starting at $15.99 in shops

Grand Traverse Cherry Crumb

  • Local Michigan products in every Cherry pie (Montmorency Cherries grown and packed in Northern Michigan), Michigan flour, sugar, even the boxes are made in Michigan!
  • Michigan born company-opened 21 years ago in Traverse City, Michigan by two native Michiganders Mike and Denise Busley.
  • Power of Pie-every pie (slices or whole) provide funds for children in the form of preventing and intervening against child sexual abuse and other life traumas.

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