WMMW: Two sex offenders wanted for parole violations

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST MICHIGAN —  Investigators say two men are wanted by the Michigan Department of Corrections for parole violations. Both are being featured in this week’s West Michigan’s Most Wanted.

Michael A. Brown, 36, of Holland, is a convicted sex offender and violated his parole since June 8, 2017. Federal investigators say his last known address was located in Holland off US 31 at the Wooden Shoe Hotel, room 220. Brown is a black male, 6’1″ and weighs around 220 lbs. He also has a history of retail fraud and sexual assault. Authorities believe he may be in the Chicago area.

Tyler Michael Murphy, 30,  of Muskegon, is also wanted for a parole violation since March 7, 2017. Murphy is also considered  a non-compliant sex offender.     Federal investigators say he has a past of unarmed robbery, manufacturing  marijuana, as well as   distributing it and taking unlawful photographs of an unclothed person.  His last known address was at 845 E. Forest in Muskegon. Murphy weighs around 205 lbs, has blonde hair, blue eyes and stands around 6 feet tall. He has multiple tattoos on both arms, as well as on his right shoulder. Investigators say he could be in the Muskegon area, Holland or Grand Rapids.


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  • David bishop

    Wooden shoe only has 42 rooms but the economy inn hotel same location has a Brown living there and 242 rooms so try room 220 at the economy inn

  • Robin williams

    There use to be a brown at the wooden shoe hotel..i have a friend at the encon lodge hotel and shes in room 220. Her friend was a brown who moved back to chicago.people are giving out false info about this here.making the police jobs harder.

  • Robin williams

    Michael brown has no history of sexually assaulats on his record at all.so why are you all posting false information regarding a good man.you all need to get your info correct before posting stuff like this on the internet.and news.you all have made him to be a bad person.and i grew up with him.he only has had
    parole violation which has nothing to do with any sexually crimes.you all make people lives a living hell.and you need to stop it.get your facts right