Morning Buzz: Live eels spilled across Oregon highway

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

1. 75,000 live eels spilled onto a highway in Oregon on Thursday.

Troopers say the truck driver didn't stop when a transportation worker told him to, causing a container full of live eels to fly across the highway and burst open.

The accident resulted in a four-car pile up, and left vehicles and the road covered in eels and lots of slime.

There were no serious injuries.


2. Amazon says its Prime Day shopping even was the biggest in the company's history.

They say there were more sales than Black Friday and it was driven by the Echo Dot.

Sales jumped 60 percent from last year's Prime Day with Fire Tablets and Kindles also seeing record sales.

Amazon's Prime Day is the Company's "Christmas in July", offering 100,000 products at discounted prices over a 30 hour period to its Prime members.


3.  Meanwhile, Walmart is hoping back to school sales help them compete with Amazon.

The company is making hundreds of school supplies like notebooks and pens available through its online grocery shopping service.

It's also offering curbside pickup at the store, and doubling the number of back to school items available for same-day store pickup.

Walmart has also integrated teacher lists onto its website, so customers can check and shop from classroom school supplies lists.


4. Firefighters in Kent County are getting some well-deserved recognition for rescuing ducklings from a sewer drain.

The ducklings were following mom across the street, when four of them fell into the drain.

Grand Rapids Firefighters showed up an pulled them to safety. One of the ducklings had a broken leg, but Blandford Nature Center is taking care of him.


5. A bag of moon dust is being sold on the auction block.

The bag is the same one Neil Armstrong used to bring dust samples from the moon, along with traces of moon dust and small rocks.

It's being sold at Sotheby's Auction House in New York City, and is predicted to be sold between two and four million dollars.

The Apollo 13 flight plan will also be up for auction.

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