Get up close to exotic animals at the Ottawa County Fair

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The Ottawa County Fair is now under way, and it's here that people can hear the roaring of monster trucks, the laughter of children, and the calls of many animals all in one place.

Leigh Ann knows all too well about how fair-goers can get an animal education, especially when she accidentally saw two llamas having a romantic moment. So she decided to go back to the fair and talk to Jeff about the wildlife that will be making an appearance on the fairgrounds this year.

One of the main animal exhibitors at the fair this year is the Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo, which teaches guests about exotic animals. They even have a reptile trailer full of creepy crawly lizards, and a camel that can give people rides.

They also brought a 3-year-old Ring Tail Lemur named Charlotte. She travels frequently with Whispering Pines Mobile Zoo, along with visiting schools interacting with the kids.

Charlotte was very friendly, warming up to Leigh Ann very quickly and cuddling in her hair.

Other than looking at the cool animals visiting the Ottawa County Fairgrounds, there are also lots of food stands, rides, and games waiting for people on the Midway. Tickets range from $8 to $15.

For a complete fair schedule, go to

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