Wine Down Wednesday: Which rosé is right for you

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Rosé wine is typically a summer favorite for those with a taste for sweet wines, but what if you're a person who'd rather have a dry tasting wine with the same flavor?

Nancie from St. Julian Winery came by the studio with a variety of rosé  wines to talk about which wine might be right for your taste buds.

Rosé is a red wine, where the skins of red grapes only touch the wine for a short amount of time. Rosé is fermented in the grape skins for a few hours, versus a red wine that can ferment for weeks at a time.

Rosé is commonly known for having a sweet taste, however St. Julian has a wide variety of rosé wines ranging from sweet, to completely dry:

BR Blanc de noir- A sparkling white wine made from red grapes tasting clean and crisp, emphasizing on berry fruit.

BR Serious Rose- A dry wine tasting of fresh, ripe cherries and strawberries.

FLiRT- A semi-sweet wine made with berries and fruit from Michigan.

Lust- A semi-sweet wine tasting of berries and juicy fruit.

St. Julian is located at 716 South Kalamazoo Street in Paw Paw, and have tasting rooms in Frankenmuth, Union Pier and Dundee.

For a complete list of wines available at St. Julian Winery, visit

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