Suspect arrested after road rage incident involving firearm

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

IONIA COUNTY, Mich. — Ionia County deputies found several guns inside a car after being called for a road rage incident.

Deputies say they were called to the area of westbound I-96 near the Portland area Thursday for a road rage incident involving a firearm. The suspect was stopped and arrested.

Nobody was injured. Deputies say the investigation is ongoing.

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  • ok

    all looks legal to me for a cpl holder . He must just of had a bad day is all . can’t be flashing them around like a school kid is all .

  • Asmodeus Krang (@Asmodeus_Krang)

    Look at this chump who can’t afford the $200 stamp to put a real stock on this wannabe SBR. Seriously though, glad they got this joker before he could hurt somebody. There’s no reason to be rolling around with mags loaded with M855 rounds when there are much better self defense rounds out there. That’s just plinking ammo.

    • David Horein

      I can afford a tax stamp, but want a .300 BLK pistol build because you can carry it with your CPL. You cannot carry a SBR with a CPL.

  • David Horein

    Judging by the fact that it is a Taurus pistol and there are cheap accessories on the AR, I am going to guess that the rifle is also a cheap build. He probably would not have been able to do much damage before things started malfunctioning. :-D

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