Lowell Showboat to remove “Robert E. Lee” name

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LOWELL, Mich. -- The City of Lowell says they will soon take steps to remove the name of their popular showboat.

Lowell City Manager Mike Burns tells FOX 17 that they will be taking steps this week to remove the "Robert E. Lee" name on the boat.  "As you know, we have received a grant from the State of Michigan to build a new Showboat. For much of this year, a committee has been considering new names for the boat, which we expect to begin building next year."

“I think we need to move beyond the hate and all the violence and just change it for the good of everybody.” Said Sue Eskew, who's in favor of change.

Although some believe it's part of Lowell history and the name should stay.

“I think they should keep the name Robert E. Lee," says Glynn Harding from Lowell. "Because it’s a historic name and it’s been on that boat since 1979.”

The Lowell Showboat was built in 1932. In 1935 a new boat, the "Robert E. Lee" was constructed in it's place. The boat had to be re-built in 1978 after a storm heavily damaged it. The Lowell High School class of 1999 again restored the ship and later held their graduation on the boat.

This decision coming on the heels of fierce cultural contention following racially-motivated rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Mike Burns said Thursday, "while most of West Michigan refers to it simply as the Lowell Showboat, we recognize that the name is offensive to many. We will be taking steps this week to remove the name on the boat."

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  • steve

    Good Lord. The insanity of this political correctness is nauseating. The stupidity of the spineless City Manager is typical of the madness of this “movement” that is enveloping the country.

  • Andy

    Really cause in reality he didn’t think slavery was right. Maybe instead of removing the name they should have a historian do a talk about the bout and Robert E Lee. At any event held on the boat. 15 minute talk may go a long way.

  • Not racist, not violent, but no longer silent

    Sad day in America – we seem to be having more and more days like this. Wonder if Mike Burns and the Lowell City Council did any history research before caving in?

    • steve

      The whole damn “movement” is an example of trying to put the genie back in the bottle. It’s history. It can’t be made unhistory. People should learn from it, but not dwell on it. The action taken by the City Manager in Lowell is going to accomplish nothing. It’s not going to improve race relations or the perception of the City of Lowell in any way.

  • Chris

    This was in the works before the derelicts got out of control. Name does not fit the area, your in the north. Name it after famous Lowell person or something to do with the area.

  • Carol

    I am 66 years old and I have to say this is such a sad day for our country that just to think in school all my life I have never seen any separation let alone what we are seeing now. Its as though we are going backwards as a country. Please do not allow this to happen. :(

  • Jessie

    Removing the signs and monuments, will not erase the past.
    America is being ruined. This is exactly what ISIS is doing to the lands it captures. These actions are not reversible. When they are done erasing the First Civil War, they will move to the Founding Fathers.
    I have begun to fear the Second Civil War has already begun.


    ha before you get ride of the name off of the showboat why don’t we get ride of the mayor it coast less and the name on the boat been there sence 1932 or 35 a name is hurting people to bad live with it get rid of the Mayor and save money

  • AmazedHuman

    Are you people insane? You have evidently contacted the sickness that has spread across this nation of ours and you are in the process of dying from it. This is utter madness, attempting to erase our history, to discredit and dishonor our national heroes. This is all the next phase of the Obama/Soros plan to destroy our nation – and you are, unfortunately, falling right into it. For shame on you!

  • Ken

    Stupid PC people and world we live in! I knew it would happen as it was just a matter of time. Oh so many feelings have been hurt by the name!! Let’s just call it the Snowflake!

  • Carol Wolf Ayers

    Posted on other sites:”I love this town but I have to say I disagree with renaming the Lowell Showboat. I also disagree with tearing down Confederate statues and the big hoopla of the Confederate flag. It is part of our history. Yes, it may not be pleasant at times. but should we tear down everything that we don’t agree with? Will the next thing be anything to do with the Native Indians? I don’t say Native Americans because they were here before it became America. With all that going on in our world today, why make a fuss on destroying traditions. There was a Civil War, the South lost, and Robert E Lee played a major role. Let the past be recognized as it should be. IT IS OUR HISTORY. It shouldn’t be forgotten. Don’t remove it from so future generations will not know”.

  • learnedmylesson25

    As long as it makes blacks feel better and reduces crime,I’m all for it.It WILL do that won’t it?Uhhh not a chance.

  • Denny

    Being a lowell native born and raised, I can see this is another knee jerk reaction by ppl who are implants into the lowell area.the showboat was a idea started by the village leaders during the depression to uplift ppl and bring some money into the community and it worked.maybe you learned ppl should investigate lowell history and not kick these great men and women in the face!!!! .you cannot change history no matter how hard you try nor should we so we do not repeat the same mistakes

  • Chief Waukazoo

    Robert E. Lee, the commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia and (from 1865) the general-in-chief of Confederate forces, neither owned slaves nor inherited any, thus it is not correct to assert that he “freed his slaves” (in 1862 or at any other time). According to Snopes

  • paul

    Lowell History????? Uh.. try AMERICAN HISTORY? Is a lot of our history shameful and regrettable? Of course it is. Humankind has evolved to a better state.. and has far to go yet as we all have been witnessing. But lets not start deleting bits and pieces of our american history.. from the view of a few who may find it offensive? How is that mans name offensive? To anyone!!!????? Get a grip America!!!

  • OnIt

    I’m glad I’m old. This country is being reduced to a mind numbed version of 1984.
    If the left thinks this is working for them, it is just exposing them for who they are. They have no pride in this country & only wish to change her. Trouble is, we WERE the greatest nation on earth, but they have a better idea…….or do they? The media is owned & operated by the left, as are the schools, it may be too late for us to save ourselves. Reagan said it, we were always only one generation away from losing her, we must be vigilant.

  • OnIt

    The left orchestrates divisive protests with paid ‘crowds on demand’ for 25 bucks an hour, as they did on craigsl a week before charlotesville, the media doesn’t report that these events always include paid shills. Where on the news did you read that mccauliffe ordered stand down on the police? In fact they funneled the right protesters, who had a permit, right through the antifa people & blocked any other exit. What do you think would happen? In the aftermath, the left tries again to destroy trump, & proceeds with their agenda of changing history to suit themselves. Voila, even lowell falls in line quickly. Congrats non-patriots!

  • Mark B

    They guy was a traitor to his country.. Don’t forget that fact of history. For that reason alone these “monuments” should come down.

    • OnIt

      It appears the country is being driven apart again. Should we have another civil war, & you & I fight on different sides, which one of us will be the traitor? If California decides to secede, are all Californians then traitors?

      • Mark B

        He was a traitor to the United States of America and the constitution. Secession is not a constitutional right. So to answer your hypothetical question, if you were fighting for California to succeed you would be a traitor also.

    • steve

      His loyalty to Virginia and his strong support of states’ rights made his difficult decision for him. As a historian, what do you think another Virginian, George Washington, would have done under similar circumstances?

  • Duchess

    This whole thing has gone beyond ridiculous into just plain pathetic.What’s next? Should the Wyoming Public Schools be forced to change one of their high school”s name and their mascot? After everything pertaining tbeo the Civil War is removed and destroyed, do we then work backwards to the founding fathers? This is America’s history – everyone has their own history, some good achievements, some, rather horrible failure.. You can’t just erase history – it will always be there, whether it is offensive or not – because we are meant to LEARN from the mistakes made, and not do them over again… Remember: The very definition of INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result. Think about that…