Obama calls decision to phase-out DACA ‘cruel’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Barack Obama calls President Donald Trump’s decision to phase out the so-called DACA program “cruel” and “self-defeating.”

The program has provided nearly 800,000 young immigrants a reprieve from deportation. The Trump administration announced Tuesday it’s rescinding the program and leaving it to Congress to come up with an alternative.

Obama did not mention Trump by name in his statement but says a “shadow has been cast” over some of the nation’s best and brightest young people. He says targeting them is wrong “because they have done nothing wrong.”

Obama says it’s up to members of Congress to act and he joins his voice with the majority of Americans who hopes Congress will step up.

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  • steve

    No, Barack. What was cruel was your ignoring the Constitution and Congress by creating the mess yourself. Stop with the typical Democrat buck-passing. Better yet, close your mouth and go away.

  • Old Bob

    obama should have never started the program. If you or your parents come or are brought to the US Illegally it’s time to go home. And I mean your home in another country. If you want to live here apply just like everyone else does.

  • Bud

    Democrats don’t give a crap about American Citizens, the Rule of Law or the US Constitution, which is why Barack issued his Executive DACA Order bypassing ALL THREE.

  • Bud

    My previous comment is awaiting moderation. This is how liberals take control – preventing the free speech of American citizens. I ask what that I said isn’t true. Democrats couldn’t convince American voters of their stand on the issues – so they shut debate down by calling Republicans racist, bigots, homophobes, etc. When democrats want to stop conservatives from speaking they threaten violence so colleges and universities cancel their speaking engagement because of safety concerns. When was the last time you heard of a liberal speaking event being canceled because of safety concerns? Liberals are intolerant hypocrites.

  • learnedmylesson25

    Agree with the others on here.I keep hearing how productive they are…how can that be–I see many “dreamers” sitting on their porches…or committing crimes (see your daily mugshot list).Then we see,on Fremont and 4th–a couple driveby attempts to kill someone.That’s the OTHER ethnic group taking over Grand Rapids–without resistance from Bliss and Company.In fact,there’s plenty of assistance Bliss and co. are giving to help them take over,by building low income housing.This is what you get.

  • Bud

    Democrats don’t care about Americans, the Rule of Law or the US Constitution. This is why Barack issued his Executive Order on DACA – so they could bypass ALL THREE.

  • Jessie

    I think that the real “cruelty” was a man deciding to circumvent the law and dictate that he wanted all of these people to be something that they are not…. legally in our country.
    They talk of eight year olds now in college, but never ask the question, “what did you do in the past 10 years to correct your citizenship situation”
    Stand in the middle of the road and block me from getting to work, and see how much support you gather.
    Learn the language, get a job, apply for citizenship. Or get out.