Robber confronted by an armed citizen, gunshots fired

GRPD file image.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A man with a concealed-carry license exchanged fire with an armed robber outside a Grand Rapids laundromat.  The robbery happened late this afternoon outside the Curtis Cleaners at 450 Michigan Street, NE.  Grand Rapids Police tell FOX 17 that several gunshots were fired when a Good Samaritan with a concealed-carry license pulled a gun on the suspect after the robbery.

Grand Rapids Police set up a perimeter in a nearby wooded area and brought in a K-9 sniffing dog to track the robber.  Police are still searching for the gunman.

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  • Old Bob

    I find it so depressing when I read stories like this. If people are going to carry a gun they need to learn how to hit what they are aiming at. Another missed opportunity to get a thug off the streets at no cost to the tax payers.

    • Awe

      They darn well may have hit him. Even fatal shots to the chest will allow a person to run some distance. He’s probably wounded to a degree, but obviously not going to go to a hospital.

  • steve

    I would think that being able to hit your target would be a prerequisite for any open carry or concealed permit holder. Scary situation for bystanders.

  • Mitch

    I was there when it happened! No joke, the robber ran around the edge of the building and the open carry guy fired at him as he drove off. Yeah it freaked me out but the robber had a gun too and it’s nice to know good people out there have guns too, not just bad guys

  • Push To Talk

    Its very hard to hit what your aiming at under stress. That’s why we practice, practice practice.
    Bad guys with guns don’t care who or what they hit. Trained good guys with guns know better than to sling lead everywhere.
    It even worse when someone is shooting at you, that’s where the training pays off.
    Also since the police don’t know who is the good guy and who is the bad guy it’s important to know when to drop your weapon and lay down. The cop will get on the radio and in five minutes you’ll be up and about.
    Both times someone tried to rob me ( in grand rapids- of course) I never had to draw my weapon. Just knowing i’d end them was enough to frighten the wee cowards into running away. The paperwork and court time for whacking and criminal scumbag is something to consider. Once you are safe from its time to call 911 and let them deal with the filthy scumbag bottom dwelling a##hole.

  • Push To Talk

    Michigan needs to adapt Texas gun laws. Down there it is legal to protect property. As in ” you loot we shoot”
    Come on Michigan lets make this law a Michigan law. No more giving the criminal the legal advantage. Same goes for trespassing, how wonderful .