Michigan State Police director apologizes after sharing post calling NFL players degenerates

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LANSING, Mich. (AP/WXMI) — The director of the Michigan State Police apologized after commenting on NFL players protesting during the national anthem, posting a message calling them “degenerates.”

The message shared by Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue on her Facebook page Sunday calls the players “millionaire ingrates who hate America and disrespect our armed forces and veterans.” The post also calls the protesters “rich, entitled, ungrateful.” The posting was signed “we the people.”

Etue issued an apology through Twitter late Tuesday night, saying it was a mistake to share the message.

The taking of a knee during the national anthem was started last year by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick to draw attention to social inequality and police treatment of blacks.

Attorney Leonard Mungo, who has represented troopers in civil disputes with the department, said the posting demonstrates “kind of a dangerous mindset for someone in her powerful position.”

Spokeswoman Shanon Banner told the Detroit Free Press that Etue’s Facebook post was not about race.

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    • Joanna

      Unlike what you assume to be true. These players are not protesting the armed forces. They are protesting what we have become as a country. They are peacefully protesting. They have that right thanks to the constitution, just like the tiki torch idiots had that right.

  • Old Bob

    If someone thinks they need to protest something, by all means protest. BUT, protesting during the national anthem is disrespectful to the brave men and women who gave their lives to preserve our freedom and the American Flag.

  • Kevin Rahe

    It is one thing to protest some person or group whom you think is not living up to the ideals on which our country is founded, but it’s pretty reckless to protest in such a way that it could be interpreted as attacking those ideals themselves. That is the peril these players put themselves in.

  • RG

    Col. Etue should not apologize. Majority of people agree with her post about NFL players. Intolerant liberal media, including FOX17, will go after her and force he to resign.

  • Zigman Frued

    Mandatory patriotism is the pinnacle of freedom. The time has come to require all Homeland citizens to sign a Homeland pledge of allegiance supporting the security of our nation. Failure to comply should result in immediaye detention and deportation without due process liberal appeals.

  • Senior Project 2012

    NFL players are protesting WHITE SUPREMACY and a RACIST NATIONAL ANTHEM which literally celebrates the murder of African-Americans. Colin Kaepernick made his intentions clear from the start. Where’s the disconnect here!?! WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THOSE UNARMED BLACK MEN AND WOMEN WERE MURDERED IN COLD BLOOD. MURDERED! TAMIR RICE was only 12 years old. Just 12 when he was GUNNED DOWN LIKE AN ANIMAL! ARE WHITE PEOPLE THAT OBLIVIOUS TO THE OBVIOUS!? HAS WHITE PRIVILEGE BLINDED YOU SO MUCH THAT YOU ARE UNABLE TO SEE THE ISSUES FOR WHAT THEY REALLY ARE. THE FULL VERSION OF THE NATIONAL ANTHEM CAN BE FOUND ANYWHERE ONLINE. READ IT. STOP DENYING ITS EXISTENCE AND MESSAGE. The anthem has never been about true justice and freedom. Neither has the Constitution. The United States of America is a vile and murderous country, always has been and always will be. There’s no way you can say it hasn’t or isn’t. Have all of you skipped History class or are you so enamored with White pride that you can’t see the atrocities that I have been committed since the inception of this country!?! Your false sense of pride is blinding you. WAKE UP! You’ve been made to believe that this protest disenfranchises White people and disrespects soldiers but it does neither. You’ve also been made to believe that soldiers are actively fighting for our freedoms. Really?!? Again where’s the disconnect. Killing Arab men, women and children does not equate freedom. BUT YOU DON’T CARE. You show no empathy for the victim of this genocide. You honestly believe soldiers are overseas fighting for your freedom!?! Wow WHITE PRIVILEGE is amazing. Just wow. Old WHITE MEN continue to send young men and women to the Middle East to protect their investments and TERRORIZE the populous. Why do you continue to deny this fact!?! Why!?! You’re asleep! Please wake up before it’s too late. Kriste is just a foot soldier for the state of WHITE SUPREMACY and somehow you find pride in that. It’s disgusting. Her comment was not only ignorant but also very divisive. She should be fired. Wake up and stand up for true justice. Swallow your White pride and give up your privilege.

    • Not racist, not violent, but no longer silent

      No problem with the players protesting.. but disrespect to the national anthem and our country’s flag is another. It is amazing they are free to do so… as far as the current social condition you need not look any further than the last president’s war on straight Christian white males…

      • Senior Project 2012

        Are you dumb, deaf and blind!?! Have you not studied U.S. history!? Your flag and national anthem only stand for white supremacy, neither should be celebrated or respected. This land was NEVER yours and still isn’t. Have you forgotten all the Native Americans who were murdered in cold blood!?! You have no land, just the spoils of GENOCIDE and SLAVERY. YOUR president is scum! Donald Trump has 5 children from 3 different women. He’s been accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment by at least fifteen women since the 1980s. Hundreds have alleged that he doesn’t pay his bills. Wow. This is the man you want to follow, support and be proud of!?! Really!?! Could you imagine the field day YOU would have if Obama had the same vile record!?! Donald Trump portrays himself as a savior of the working class and makes false promises. You’re being taken advantage of. No one has disenfranchised WHITE PEOPLE in this country more than the WHITE MEN in Washington. If the day ever comes that we go to war with North Korea, please stand up and take responsibility for your actions. Your ignorance is truly blissful. You’ve managed to deny history and the many atrocities that have taken place in this country. It’s amazing to see and hear people deny these facts and pretend nothing is wrong. You are racist, violent and silent. WHITE SUPREMACY exists and you benefit from it everyday. Your apathy is a danger to the well-being of us all, yours included….

        • Kevin Rahe

          A technologically advanced civilization will always overtake a technologically inferior one. We are not guilty just for being here. Nor are we racist for saluting the flag. You are so incredibly wrong in your views of the founding of our country. A majority of the Constitution’s signers were abolitionists, but they knew if they made an issue of slavery at the time that we’d never come together to form a country, so they decided to defer that battle until later when we were stronger. And I think it’s obvious that we were just barely strong enough to survive that battle when it was finally fought and won for justice. Why do you insist on winding the clock back 200 years? So much for the idea of being progressive. Your views are the most incredible example of racism I’ve seen in recent times.

          • Senior Project 2012

            Your apathy regarding this issue is appalling. Once again the flag and national anthem only stand for white supremacy, NEITHER SHOULD BE CELEBRATED OR RESPECTED. You have no land, just the spoils of GENOCIDE and SLAVERY. Why do you continue to DENY this simple fact. What malfunction are you dealing with that’s preventing you from accepting the facts!?!? Please do tell. JUSTICE does not exist in the United States. STOP denying what this country truly is. Your ignorance is blissful and I understand why you seem so comfortable living in it. I’m a Caucasian male who is ashamed of you WHITE people. You’re absent of color in every sense of the word. How do you bring yourself to write such nonsense!?! Wow. Progressiveness won’t happen until you let go of your WHITE privilege. Let it go before it ruins you…

          • Kevin Rahe

            SENIOR PROJECT, I think my several black acquaintances would take issue with your assertion that I would accept something that stands for white supremacy. But I would still fight for your right to spew the garbage that you do, as offensive as it is to everyone who knows what this country’s true ideals are. Perhaps you should get to know some people of color yourself. Then maybe you’ll see that white people are not all that different from them. In other words, your idea that white people are inherently more evil than black people is just as much nonsense as the converse.

          • Kevin Rahe

            SENIOR PROJECT, perhaps you should get to know some people of color. Then you may realize that they’re not all that different from white people, meaning that your idea that white people are inherently more evil than they are is just as much nonsense as the converse.

  • D Whitcher

    Does she realize they are protesting police brutality? She should be addressing police training, procedures, and review processes. My only worry when being pulled over is whether I get a ticket or a warning. For some, they can’t even reach for their license or registration without fear of being shot.

    • Jessie

      Well if you examine each case that is put forth as an example, you find a common theme, the ones who failed to follow police instructions, oh, and then there are the couple of thugs who attacked the police.
      Maybe, just maybe we are all being played by some race baiting activists, who will show a boyhood picture of Jack the Ripper, and tell you what a nice boy he was.

      • Senior Project 2012

        Jessie please read what D WHITCHER posted one more time! “Does she realize they are protesting police brutality? She should be addressing police training, procedures, and review processes. My only worry when being pulled over is whether I get a ticket or a warning. For some, they can’t even reach for their license or registration without fear of being shot”

        • Jessie

          I did read it, but the facts do not support the statement made.
          Turning by this into a race issue is racist. Pure and simple. You will twist until you can cry racism.
          I do not fear the police, I do not break the law, and follow the directions they give to me if I am interacting with them.
          Zero problem.


        Why don’t we sing the third verse? Do you know the third verse? It was racist then and racist now!!! What about all the black men who fought and came home and spat on? You honkies are delusional you never want to admit your wrong on any level so change the narrative and make it about a flag well I have a news flash for ya! When I took the oath to serve nothing in that oath mentioned a flag. It states: to carry out the orders of the commander in chief and defend my country from all enemies foreign and domestic. Nothing about a fucking flag!!t

        • Kevin Rahe

          I’ve never known or heard the national anthem with the verse you’re talking about. Is someone asking it to be put back in? Does every adaptation of a song or a tradition that we use automatically mean that we buy in to everything the original author intended, especially by portions of it we decided not to keep? If so, then even some songs I sing in my own church would be considered offensive to my faith. And many of our holiday traditions would also be unconscionable to practice, as they were in many cases co-opted from pagan celebrations that included some unsavory elements.


            You know why you never heard of it, because ts to racist to sing. You’re sitting here with all the information at your finger tips. Look it up! No, you don’t want to know because just as I said racist ass honkies like you can’t handle the truth, or may I say face the facts. It just doesn’t fit your idiolect narrative.

          • Kevin Rahe

            TIMOTHY LEE CLARK, in 2009 the Smithsonian National Museum of American History and USA Weekend sponsored a national anthem singing contest. ( amhistory.si.edu/starspangledbanner/sing-the-national-anthem.aspx )
            I listened to the performance by the grand prize winner, but did not hear the offending verse. Why would such a prestigious American institution give someone an award for singing a song so important to our country’s people when they failed to sing it in its entirety? If I were really racist as you allege, wouldn’t I be complaining to the Smithsonian that they gave someone an award for performing an incomplete song? Or perhaps I’m NOT racist after all and the song is now considered complete – at least by people who actually give the matter some thought – WITHOUT the offending verse.

  • Common Cents

    Is society controlled by the most evil people in the world because some guys throw a ball around or because police and soldiers uphold the will of the most evil people (politicians) in the world? We should all be ganging up on police and military and erasing them from existence, but instead, we fight each other over distractions like this.

  • Macguyver

    It’s a damn shame that she is being pressured to apologize for her(and many many thousands more people’s) opinion just because a suit somewhere says that’s not politically correct, Afterall, they(the NFL players) are expressing their “opinion” and she should be allowed to express hers as well. But just remember, if it weren’t for the very flag and national anthem that they are protesting, they would not have the right to express themselves.
    If it were not for all who have fought for and all who have died for this great country, (whom we honor during the anthem) then there would be NO America!!! We would most likely be speaking German…….

    • Senior Project 2012

      AMERICA is continent, a continent comprised of North and South America. AMERICA is not a country. You belong to the United States of America. These Unites States are a product of the GENOCIDE of native Americans and FREE LABOR via SLAVERY. It’s a damn shame that you fail to recognize these facts. Kriste Kibbey Etue should be fired and made an example of. She cannot be trusted to run the department without bias…..

  • Kathy

    I don’t know a thing about this woman, but I wonder if she is married to a black man or has mixed race grandchildren. I doubt it. No love in her heart.

  • Pam Hurd

    The athletes are protesting the police brutality and racism. This police person just responded in a way that makes her sound racist. She is part of the reason they are protesting and she showed her true colors. Oh the irony that so many can’t see. Fire her

    • Kevin Rahe

      I’m sorry, but as you can see by many of the comments here, a lot of people – on both sides – are taking the player protests as being about the flag and what our country stands for. That may not have been their intent, but they’ve now opened this can of worms, and it’s going to be hard to get them back in. If you’re going to protest something, make sure that the scope of your protest is not wider than the actual issue.

        • Kevin Rahe

          6,000 people determine the state in which you live? I think you take the infinitesimal number of true white supremacists in this country far too seriously. I think you were born a century too late. The battle you fight has been won.

          • Senior Project 2012

            Wow Kevin just wow. Saying your viewpoint is nonsensical is a grave understatement. You, Sir, are lost. Truly lost. I think I’ve heard enough from you. WHITE SUPREMACY has done you in. You will not stand besides us when this system of oppression is taken down. Good luck with everything. May your conscience torment you for all eternity.

  • yoyo

    why all of the back lash isn’t this what the NFL and all other people want is freedom of speech and to able to voice there opinions where it offends anyone else just as long as they are heard