Frustrating day in court for family of missing Wyoming mother

WYOMING, Mich. --   It was another frustrating day in court for the family of missing Wyoming mother Ana Carrillo. In the latest of a long line of recent setbacks, another postponement plagued the progress of the case in court.

Lyle Hudson, grandfather of Carrillo’s three children, was supposed to appear for his preliminary exam Wednesday, but postponed a week. Hudson is facing a perjury charge for allegedly lying to police on information pertaining to the investigation.

His son, Andrew Hudson, the father of Carrillo’s three children, is facing the same charge for also allegedly lying to police on the case.

“It’s very frustrating. They keep postponing it - we don’t know why,” said Ruben Martinez, Carrillo’s cousin and spokesperson for the family. “For the family it’s very frustrating. We’re just trying to get answers.”

There haven’t’ been many of those recently for Martinez and the family. Much of the days since Carrillo’s disappearance have been spent searching on their own – to no avail.

Martinez says the delays are starting to wear them thin.

“For our family, it’s frustrating,” he said, “but we’re going to put it in God’s hands.”

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