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Bipartisan bills would forgive $600 million in Michigan driver fees

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Lansing, Mich.

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Michigan’s 300,000-plus residents who owe extra driver “responsibility” fees for certain traffic offenses would see their debt eliminated under bipartisan bills backed by the House speaker and others.

The legislation announced Thursday would forgive more than $600 million in fees that have been assessed.

Michigan already is phasing out all new responsibility fees by October 2019.

The bills would accelerate the phase-out to October 2018 and reinstate a community service option for people who can’t pay their fines but would like to re-earn their license before the forgiveness program takes effect.

Republican House Speaker Tom Leonard says responsibility fees for driving without insurance and others offenses have cost far too many working people their license and then their job.

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  • steve

    Great thinking. Kissing the backsides of people by forgiving their fines for breaking the law, but upping the costs for license plates for everybody. Duh!

  • paul

    lets remember how “criminal” this “fine” was in the first place. Before our fine state got so f-ing greedy.. you would get a ticket.. pay the usual , reasonable fine and move on with your life. So their is no forgiveness of that fine.. which im happy to pay. With this “driver responsibility fine another thousand or two seems fair … spread out over a few years? Shame on this state.. and the bums who run it it was an unjust burden on the people of Michigan.. and bankrupted many.. and kept them down and out.. and many without a drivers license to carry on with their life. I actuall got one of these fines imposed on me.. for getting two moving violations.. in a too short of time span. Huh…I guess i deserved a real good spankin by the state. Mind you.. I paid my traffic fines gladly.. at the time.. then suffered for the next two years.. just to line the coffers of the state of Michigan.. who cant seem to handle the money they already have. Im guessing this generated milions and millions for the state..on the blood sweat and tears of all of us that choose to live here. So… yes everyone in Lansing needs to hang their heads and forgive this awful burden they have placed on the people ive said enough thanks for reading

  • Victor

    We should get are money back and paid for lack of work cuz of getting are license taken away from us drive a car get pulled over go to jail going to work it’s not cool

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