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Take an inside look at the non-GMO process at Country Dairy farms

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Country Dairy is known as a leader in offering the purest form of produce and diary for families throughout West Michigan and  across the country. Their non-GMO process holds true from the seed to the store shelves, providing a more natural product for their customers.

We went to visit Jeff and Joshua at the Country Dairy farm to learn more what GMO's are, why non-GMO products may be the best option.

A GMO, or genetically modified organism, is when a living organism- in this case the cow's food source-- is grown and created using genetic modification or engineering techniques. GMOs can create a wide combination of plant, animal, bacteria, and virus genes that don't normally happen through natural crossbreeding methods.

So what's so bad about GMO's? According to the Institute of Responsible Technology, genetically modified foods have caused toxic and allergic reactions, along with causing humans and animals to get sick. While the effects of consuming GMOs hasn't been closely studied, the effects are clear on animals.

Country Dairy uses only home-grown non-GMO corn and alfalfa to feed their cows. By feeding cows strictly non-GMO diets, the milk and meat the cows produce are therefore also GMO-free, which is considered healthier and more natural for the human consumer.

All of Country Dairy's products are also certified by an independent, third-party certification and testing organization so families can be assured that they're eating and drinking safe and natural products.

Country Dairy is located at 3476 South 80th Avenue in New Era.

To learn more about their farms, or to schedule a visit, call (231)-861-4636 or go to countrydairy.com.

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