Man fires at attacking dog in Detroit, fatally shoots woman

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DETROIT (AP) — Police say a woman who was being attacked by a stray dog in Detroit has been fatally shot after a man fired a gun at the dog and hit her instead.

Detroit police say the woman was mauled while walking on Monday evening, was shot and was taken to a hospital, where she died. The woman’s name wasn’t immediately released. Police responded and searched for the dog, but it wasn’t immediately found.

Detroit police Captain Darin Szilagy says the man lived in the area. Szilagy says he was trying to be a “good Samaritan” and had a license to carry a concealed weapon. Szilagy says it’s a tragic story, but notes “we’re responsible for every round we fire.”

The shooting is under investigation and prosecutors likely will review the case.

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  • Darby Wing

    If this is true, it is a horrible outcome; and the shooter should be held to the same standard that a police officer who did the same. When was the last time an officer was prosecuted for such and was not given qualified immunity?

  • FranGill

    Darby, you are an idiot. …a private citizen held to the same standard as a highly trained, fully certified, sworn police officer, for acting in defense of an innocent person who was being mauled by a dog…really???
    Have you ever witnessed a mauling? not a dog bite, but a real mauling?, they are violent,scary,bloody and very dynamic. The shooter may well have feared for his own life, being close to such a thing and in doing so, reacted but, accidentally hit the victim, but I know, you where there, know all the facts and saw it all.
    I am certain, regardless, this man acted in the very best of interest and probably unlike you, made the decision to actually act, rather than watch it unfold around him – for this we should string him up from the nearest tree I suppose?
    BTW – There are multiple laws covering both civil & criminal liability when acting in defense of an another, several are covered under the Good Samaritan Law, which I guess you dont know about.
    His act to harm the victim was 110% unintentional. His “intent” ( a major factor in determining criminal culpability) was ONLY to aid her, even if his actions were less than thought out or well executed, his guilt in this case could well be argued away. Therefore at maximum he could be held for is a charge of manslaughter, but it is rather doubtful it would prevail in criminal court. Civil court, should the deceased family pursue it, will rape him of most of what he owns & ever will own.
    Having said that, the dogs owner is actually the one who could be on the legal hook for the entire ordeal, including the events that lead up to the victims death, but I dont see you even mentioning that. Similar cases have been argued & prosecuted in cases such as: armed robbery, car/police chases, etc when a victim is accidentally killed by someone other than the bad guy(s) who when caught, are also held accountable for the death, as it is thier actions that facilitated or caused the chain of events to take place, that had they not initiated things, otherwise would never have unfolded.
    Regarding police actions, I guess you’ve never taken notice of the cops that are fired, sued and in many cases end up in prison for thier actions while on the job. Unlawful is unlawful and a badge in uniform does not exempt anyone from that process, even if you believe it does. How many years have you spent in the job again ( as a cop or similar) to validate your 1st hand knowldge of such things? If you understood what “qualified exemption” actually means, you’d relaize how retarded your statement is and how it really has ZERO relevance here…