Woman arrested for stabbing man, 29, with fork

WHITE PIGEON TOWNSHIP, Mich. — A man, 29, is being treated for stab wounds from a fork after he was assaulted by a woman, 18, in the 11000 Block of Riverside Drive in White Pigeon Township.

According to police, the woman stabbed the man multiple times in the head and neck areas.

The male victim was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The teen is in custody and is facing charges of felonious assault and an outstanding warrant.

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1 Comment

  • Sarah Shibler

    Sad thing is this woman is my sister and the man she stabbed did not deserve it she can be a very violent person and no one believed us when we tell them. She has been in and out of the system for years now she has committed so many crimes and has gotten away with it. She has stabbed people before including my little sister with a pencil. And has physically attacked my brother. When will the police see this and take action. She is unstable and is a threat to not only others but herself. This isnt a laughing matter or funny at all i think its sick that she is only getting a misdeameanor she meant to hurt him she knows it.