Ex-boyfriend charged with murder of missing Wyoming woman

WYOMING, Mich. - The former boyfriend of a missing Wyoming woman was charged Thursday with her murder.

Andrew Hudson was charged with open murder and evidence tampering in the disappearance of Ana Carrillo, missing now for a little over a month.

Ana Carrillo has been missing since September 3, 2017

Court documents show that police believe Hudson lured Carrillo to his home claiming her children were ready to be picked up.  In reality, investigators say the kids were in a different location miles away.

Court records also state that an officer found Carrillo's blood in Hudson's home and truck, and that it appears Hudson tried to hide that evidence.

Officers also found clothes in a burning barrel outside his home, the same day she vanished.  The documents claim police discovered buttons belonging to an Aeropostale garment, the brand of clothing Carrillo was last seen wearing when she disappeared.

“I just miss her so much and I wish I had her here again," said Carrillo's mother Birdie Carrillo outside court Thursday. "But unfortunately she was [taken] from us. And it’s not fair. We just want to see whoever did it put away.”

Hudson is the father of Carrillo's three children. For Carrillo's loved ones, explaining the situation at hand will be a difficult task.

“What do you say to these kids?" said Birdie Carrillo. "You say, ‘hey, your dad did something to your mom?’ How do you explain that to a ten, an eleven, and fifteen year old kid? How do you explain it?”

Andrew Hudson's father, Lyle, had previously been charged with Andrew with lying to police in the investigation into Carrillo's disappearance. The family had words for him, too.

“You’re parents," said Birdie Carrillo. "Can you imagine what we’re going through as a parent? Sister? Brother?"

Carrillo's vehicle was found on Sept. 3 at St. John Vianney Church on Clyde Park SW.  She was last seen leaving her home to pick up the children at Hudson's home.  She has not been seen since.

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