Belmont residents intend to sue Wolverine World Wide

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Belmont residents plan to file a lawsuit against Wolverine World Wide in Rockford.

Aaron Phelps, a partner with the Varnum law firm in Grand Rapids, issued the following statement:

"Yesterday, we put Wolverine on formal notice that Belmont residents intend to file a lawsuit to enforce the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. Our position has been, and still remains, that Wolverine is not acting efficiently or effectively to remedy the situation, regardless of their recent 'voluntary' responses. We have notified Wolverine that we intend to sue them for violating this federal law by handling hazardous waste in a manner that presents an imminent and substantial danger to the environment and human health. The primary relief we have requested is that Wolverine clean up all of its dump sites, and provide a permanent solution for clean water. This ensures that Wolverine either acts now or faces further legal action in the future."

The Miller law firm out of Metro Detroit said it's also eyeing a class action lawsuit. The firm will seek compensation for a loss in home values and for the company to right other wrongs.

Sharon Almonronde, a partner with Miller told FOX 17, "We would also seek relief under federal and state environmental statutes. We would also attempt to have some type of monitoring their health issues that they could have potentially as a result of the exposure to these toxic chemicals."​

Wolverine World Wide is now distributing bottled water to dozens of families as they test private wells across the area.




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1 Comment

  • RG

    It appears that Wolverine is trying to get the problem solved, maybe not a fast as some like. Now with lawyers involved, the clean up could take longer because of legal proceedings and the lawyers will get a big chunk of the home owners money.