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Wolverine Worldwide to close its Rockford distribution center, move jobs to California

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

ROCKFORD, Mich. —  Rockford-based footwear manufacturer Wolverine Worldwide plans to shut down its Rockford distribution center by early 2018, and move some jobs to a new center in California.

Wolverine says in a written statement sent to FOX 17, “We must…continually evolve to meet the shifting challenges of the market, including the most effective ways to distribute our products.

“Earlier this year, we opened a 720,000-square-foot distribution center in Beaumont, California…the decision to transition our Rockford distribution center business to the Beaumont location will allow us to better serve customers in the fast-evolving consumer and global marketplace.”

Wolverine Worldwide says the transition process will take place over the next few months, with an estimated completion sometime during the first quarter of 2018.

The DC-47 distribution plant is at 9300 Courtland Drive NE, at 11 Mile Road.

“There are approximately 50 employees who currently work at DC 47. Wolverine is committed to assisting all affected employees in transitioning through the closure.”



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  • Libi Uremovic

    wolverine is getting a great deal because beaumont’s a scam …

    the SEC has issued a Cease and Desist and seven of the executive staff have been indicted; city manager, city attorney, finance director, planning director, economic development director, public works director, and chief of police …

    $400 million is missing out of the city of beaumont … the city built 20,000 houses, but never built fire stations, roadways, or a recycled water facility…. 2/3’s of the water is imported from northern cali – and it’s expensive … taxes are high and the housing values are a fraction of the rest of the state …

    the warehouse wolverine is moving into was built without following state and federal laws … the city and the developer are scrambling to built ‘potrero interchange’ because there’s no way for 10-wheelers to enter the property from the highway except to come to a complete stop to make the turn… the city can’t get financing because they embezzled $300 million out of federal municipal bonds and just last March, 2017 forged their financial statements to try to get a private bank loan .. .

    read the audits, indictments, and SEC Cease and Desist Order on http://beaumontgate.org/

  • Fester

    And what of the toxic sights just discovered? Kaliforniastan have laws that protect criminals evading responsibility.
    Like a super sanctuary city where are absconders are welcome- tax free ?

    • Libi Uremovic

      wolverine violated federal epa laws – moving to another state won’t solve their problems … and no, cali doesn’t have laws to protect criminals – they just have corrupt governments like everyone else ..

      wolverine is moving to a town that is in the middle of multiple state and federal investigations – because the town itself as a government agency violates state and federal laws ….

  • Jam Jamming

    After you pollute the water wells in Rockford, now your moving to CA? They have water and ground for your pollutions? What Michigan not paying you enough? You didn’t hurt enough wells here in Michigan? I think you ought to be cleaning and paying a hell of a lot more for reckless dumping without regards to whom you were hurting. I’d put you out of business if I could.

    • dave

      dont overlook that the township let the buiders apply for permits for well, septic and construction to build homes, in their township, that they know everything about..

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