Police in Lowell warning of fake money being passed around

LOWELL, Mich. -- The Lowell Police Department is warning people about fake money after a counterfeit $100 bill was turned in to its department.

Police posted a picture of the counterfeit bill on Facebook saying the bill was printed on extremely thin paper and doesn't feel like real money.

The bill is marked with "World Universal Bank Limited" which is not traditionally on a $100 bill.

The department is warning people in the area to be careful when accepting cash.


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  • learnedmylesson25

    What about the BIG story?Rahinsky wants out of GR–who can blame him?The city is being transformed into Ferguson,Missouri.Previous law abiding areas around Garfield and Richmond,down to Powers and Crosby and 2 miles east,north and south are all non-law abiding areas.Bliss,you have your diversity–now what?I’m sure the black understudy will be whisked in…wont he?The diversity will not last long,as white flight ramps up.Me included.

  • Brett

    This is something called “Joss Paper”, or “Hell Money”. It is fake money used in some asian funerals. It is burned, along with replicas of other things that the departed enjoyed so that they may enjoy them in the afterlife.