Mohamed Hisabu keeps running despite obstacles

KENTWOOD, Mich -- Mohamed Hisabu is a refugee student at East Kentwood High School, 3 years ago he joined the Falcons cross country team.

"I remember when he first came to East Kentwood" William Westveer, whose family has taken Mohamed in, said. "He was very shy, but he kind of just fit in with the runners. I heard he was looking to live somewhere so my family offered a place for him to live and I don`t know it`s just been like since he`s there it`s been normal."

For Mohamed, the experience has been life changing.

"This team has changed my life" Hisabu said. "It`s changed it and I made a lot of friends. And I keep moving my times, so it`s a lot. I can`t say enough about it."

Unfortunately, in his senior year, Mohamed is not eligible to compete with the team because he "aged out" due to a clerical error at the immigration office regarding his birthday.

"It was really difficult to change my age, to fix it and find my real birthday" Hisabu said. "So I asked my family and they couldn't do it, so they really don`t have any idea, but I get sad. It was really sad too."

Instead of giving up his love of running, Mohamed continues to train with the Falcons cross country team as a manger. Truly inspiring those around him."

"I think it motivates us all greatly just cause he`s come from a different background than we have so it`s different perspective we can put it on it" Westveer added. "We shouldn`t have excuses that we do because Mohamed can do the same if not more than we can do. It`s a good experience having him around."

Mohamed recently ran in the Grand Rapids Marathon and finished 5th.