Remembering Cora Gonzales

OAKFIELD TOWNSHIP,  Mich. – An 11-year-old girl killed after getting hit by a car was laid to rest over the weekend.

Cora Gonzales passed away Wednesday just a couple of weeks after she was struck by a car near her home in Oakfield Township.

The funeral took place at Rockford Baptist Church on Saturday.

There’s been a strong community rallying behind the family during the difficult ordeal.

“It’s been a huge blessing to us to help a family that needs help,” says Tonya Mata, a friend of family. “We don’t have much to offer but we love these kids. And having to help out with the kids and talk to them every night about death about passing it’s been horrendous.”

Cora was hit while crossing the street from her home on October 6.

“Unbelievable how many people the Gonzales’s have touched without even realizing how much they’ve touched. The Cedar Springs community, the Lowell community, the football community, soccer community. With 10 kids you touch everybody.”

The youth pastor at the Rockford church says the community support has been outstanding.

“I went to one where they spelled out ‘Pray For Cora’ in candles,” says Jakob Lang, Rockford Baptist Church. “It was just amazing to see all the people.”

Pastor Lang says it’s important in the coming months for the community to continue showing support for the Gonzales family.

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