App helps parents make Halloween safer for kids

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Safety is a parent's number one concern on Halloween, and now there’s an app that can keep you connected to your neighborhood and put your mind at ease.

It's called Nextdoor, and it allows you to securely connect with your neighborhood all year round for a number of different things, but for Halloween their treat map is designed to help families trick or treating.

One simple click and Nextdoor users can add a candy corn to mark their house as a safe spot.

"We run applicants through the registered sex offender database to make sure those folks are not allowed on the platform," said Nextdoor Vice President of Policy and Communications Steve Wymer.

Nextdoor says over 760 people in West Michigan already use the platform to connect with each other year round.

Nextdoor also works with local law enforcement, keeping everyone in the community informed.

For Halloween, the Grand Rapids police department suggest parents go with their children house to house and attach a flashlight or glow stick to their costumes. Most importantly, police are stressing to use cross walks and for drivers to stay alert.


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