Excessive Heat Warning Issued for West Michigan

‘It’s Okay To Be White’ fliers posted around East GR

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Residents awoke Sunday morning to find objectionable fliers posted around their community.

Fliers read "It's Okay To Be White" in several different formats. Some of them contained pictures of President Trump.

"It definitely felt like our personal space was violated," said resident Karen Zivi. "For me the real issue is about the message that it’s spreading.”

Fliers were found posted on utility poles and trees as well as over "Black Lives Matter" signs and being left under the windshield wipers of every vehicle parked in the area of Lake Drive SE, Laurel Avenue SE, Plymouth Avenue SE and John Collins Park in East Grand Rapids.

"It was actively blocking a message that I believe in, which is 'kindness is everything,'and putting up a message of hate," Zivi said. "And doing it in the middle of the night when no one is around to have a conversation about the issue. ”

Kris Pachla also spoke to FOX 17.

“We want to be an inclusive community, we shouldn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable and certainly those signs are making people feel they are not welcome here in East Grand Rapids.”

She also brought up the importance of conversation.

“I welcome conversations. I think it’s important to have conversations. I think it might say something about your message if you're doing things in the dead of night when nobody can confront you about anything.”

The fliers all have been removed.


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  • Common cents

    “Objectionable “? To the libtarded moron who wrote this, what is Objectionable? Black lives matter no more than any other lives. In fact, black lives don’t matter much if any to other blacks as they kill each other like it was a sport. When 94% of blacks are killed by other blacks it is laughable for blacks to even say black lives matter!

    • Joanie Caldwell-Kenoshmeg

      Black Lives Matter is not a name or slogan meant to diminish worth of White lives and caring progressive white people understand this. It is a movement to address unjust unnecessary shooting deaths of blacks by some police officers. Justice is all that is sought to help stop the deaths. Thousands of whites walked in unity with BLM marchers. We don’t want anyone killed without reason and we don’t want bad cops getting off the hook.

        • Richard

          I’m curious Jessie. Where is the public statement from the leader of BLM that they are in fact a hate group who primarily has a hate for people with white skin? In fact who is the leader and other officers of this movement? What terrorist acts has this organized group committed and is the FBI investigating? What posters or flyers or other communications do you have that prove that there is an organized effort by “BLM” to commit terrorist acts against people with white skin?

          • Common cents

            The facts may get in the way of your opinions. More whites are shot by cops than blacks and there are way more interactions that blacks have with law enforcement. The % of blacks shot that are not justified is no higher than for whites.

  • White lives matter

    The flyers all have been removed.. but the black lives matter posters stayed.
    Guess we need to loot, riot and worse before we get the same respect.
    And to the putz who wrote this, i’m white and don’t give a damn if you don’t like it, racist bigot.

    • Logic

      Why would they remove their own signs? The white signs were removed because someone else put them there, not the residents. If you put a sign in your yard, and then someone else puts a sign in your yard that you don’t like, you’d remove it, right? Think logically buddy.

  • White lives matter

    The flyers all have been removed.. but the black lives matter posters stayed.
    Guess we need to loot, riot and worse before we get the same respect.
    And to the putz who wrote this, i’m white and don’t give a damn if you don’t like it, racist bigot.

  • White lives matter

    The flyers all have been removed.. but the black lives matter posters stayed.
    Guess we need to loot, riot and worse before we get the same respect.
    And to the putz who wrote this, i’m white and don’t give a damn if you don’t like it, racist bigot.

  • Bud

    Really, what’s so objectionable about saying, “It’s OK to be white”???
    Liberals have been dividing Americans by race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc. for so long that people are starting to believe it.

    • Richard

      You do realize that the point of these flyers and the message is to create divide where there is none, right? The point is to make someone go “Of course white lives matter. No one is saying that they don’t.” No one needs to say that white lives matter because there is no systemic discrimination against white lives. Beyond that “white” is not a culture, a nation, a gender, or any other kind of classification beyond skin tone. Be proud of your culture, wherever you came from, but it is not “white” from whence you came.

      • Larry Piercy

        Actually this came from a 4chan campaign to show that college campuses are racist against whites. The point being that if campuses are racist they would assume evil white intent and be triggered. By the reaction, it looks like they proved their point.

        The operation was launched Halloween night, with the costume excuse offering some level of identity protection to the brave participants. Some ground rules were also put into effect, such as only putting the signs up on public property, as law breaking or vandalism was not desired. Organizers also made it clear that the overall mission was not about hate. Rather it was about creating the most overblown reaction from the SJW Left possible. So that this overreaction would then hopefully be taken negatively by middle of the road political centrists, or as 4chan users tend to refer to them as “normies.”

        With the campaign now well underway and clearly picking up steam this might go down as one of 4chan’s most successful operations. Of course in the end though, it does raise at least one important question. Is it still okay to be White? Because if it is, what exactly is the big deal everyone is getting so upset about to begin with?

  • Bud

    I’m still trying to figure out what I wrote that constantly is “flagged for consideration”. Every word is FACT, but I don’t think liberals can handle facts, because they never support their position.

    • Common cents

      Libtards can’t understand facts and form a coherent position. Their positions are based on emotions and you can’t argue with how they feel with logic or common sense.

  • Michi

    Why is it objectionable to say “it’s okay to be white”. Who says it isn’t okay? Why isn’t it OK to be whatever color you were born? Why can people say black lives matter but object the very thought that being another color such as white is not? Double standards and hate are being bred by the way the media presents these things.

    • Joanie Caldwell-Kenoshmeg

      the websites advertised on the fliers are full of racist hate and advocate a race WAR and depict Blacks as Apes. Its not part of what normal loving people condone which is why white supremacists groups are overrun by white counter protestors like me. This is what Trump started and it won’t end well for people like you as our nation is never going back to the 1940’s segregation. The pain and suffering these groups are causing innocent school children is horrible. You should be ashamed. If all minorities were suddenly gone your problems would not end as your problem is that you look outside yourself to find an answer to your problem when the problem is with you. You would find another thing or type of people to hate and blame your problems on . The videos say your ancestors “tamed this land”. FYI The Mexican and Native American ancestors were here first, not white people.

  • Not racist, not violent, but no longer silent

    /if it would have said it’s ok to be black or Mexican they would be applauding the posters as considerate and progressive… and the police would not have investigated.

    • katie

      Agree!! Why should people be shamed or considered white supremacists because they are comfortable with the color they are born with? There is African American and Hispanic months, which are always advertised… But to say it’s ok to be white is a crime.

  • Bob Sponge

    These are way, way off-brand. The approved sign is 5 words in Karbon, Light on a blank background. Whoever did this doesn’t care about the message at all and is using it to further their own unrelated agenda.

  • America-Great-Again

    Now days everyone has enough cohones to say anything they want on the internet yet they are the smallest of mice in public and in our nation since statistics show that white supremacists are far less accounted for than before. Blaming the president for your ignorance thinking he’s the almighty “white” President lol. He’s the president of us all and by the way, #ALLOFUSMATTER kids, so put your head down and go out there and proof that you actually should be listened to, 😂

  • Jessie

    Well this IS how a race war is started. That is the intention isn’t it, with all the “Whiteness” and “White Privilege” rhetoric, and anti-white behavior. What did we expect them to do? Just take the full on assault. Eventually this will lead to violence. Which sure seems like the desired outcome.

    • Jessie

      Well even a black man gets censored here is he don’t tow the party line!
      Pull your pants up, quit killing each other, get an education, then a job, and raise your children. White folk been feeding us for too long, time to be responsible not lash out.
      Only this can set us free.

      • Clucko

        Amen. Many blacks have been told for so long that they can’t do it, that they actually believe it. The Democrats have created a group of people who think that only the government can do things for them rather than themselves. Many Blacks will never admit it, but the Democrats have reinvented slavery and the government is their Simon Legree.

  • Jay

    why is it ok to have black lives matter fliers up but not its ok to be white fliers??? Black lives matter is a racist group. All lives matter! Its ok to be white is not a racist statement. if it is then Black lives matter is a racist statement. could somebody come up with a real reason why one is racist and not the other.

  • Akeyla

    ‘Minorities’ and Democrats have been playing identify politics for decades. Now that the right starts using their tactics, bringing attention to our cause and our identity, all Hell begins to break loose. PoC put up violent BLM fliers all over the place and no-one bats an eye. Innocuous pro-White literature is put up and you’d swear it was another Shoah.

  • Nate

    There is nothing objectionable about saying, “It’s okay to be white” and there’s no way to reasonably claim it to be a supremacist statement. The problem is with the websites the flier advertises and the way they were posted over yard signs espousing liberal values. The addition of Trump to the poster is clearly meant to provoke a reaction. The wordpress site even mentions “trolling liberals” as part of what it means to be alt-right. There is certainly an agenda within the alt-right, with positive and negative aspects, but it’s clearly a reaction to liberal politics. All just evidence of a paradigm shift in the US. People are clearly tired of identity politics and no longer buy into the liberal narrative. However, the importance of dialogue cannot be overstated. Putting up posters in the middle of the night to offend virtue signaling liberals isn’t going to manifest a better future.

    Take a look at the websites on the fliers and you’ll see where the alt-right narrative diverges from reality and slips into one-dimensional portrayals of the world. Anything presented in that way is propaganda, there’s simply more nuance to most issues than they portray. The same goes for these fliers, there’s more nuance, they aren’t just about race.

  • Jay

    To the person who wrote this article: YOU ARE A RACIST Your the one who are segregating people into diff groups. you support BLM. a group that pushes racism!
    Lets call for the firing of the a-hole who wrote this dribble. Lets get on Facebook and let everyone know about this ridiculous story.
    Even better, every white person who does not see a problem with the “its ok to be white” signs lets start copying and placing these signs everywhere.
    Before you accuse me of being a white supremacist i have had multiple relationships with black people both intimately and in friendship. I have a half black brother, 3 cousins that are half black. I had a Mexican gf for 2 years. and my martial arts mentors have all been Asian. My business partner is from the middle east.
    With that being said i am proud to be white and male. I will never back down from that. if anyone should be racist it should be me. Back in the 80’s my family was attacked by a group of 10-15 black people over on Madison and 28th st. they beat up my aunts, stabbed one of them and held a gun to my mothers head (in front of me) and said he was going to blow her head off. Also i myself have been attacked in a bar by 20-25 Mexicans ( i was trying to break up a girl fight, when everything went crazy) it was a gangland style beat down “try”. I say try because they were all small guys and they punched like little kids. Why is it ok to promote other races but not the white race? Look throughout history and what the white population has accomplished and given to the world, some bad but mostly good. Also look at the population numbers and notice what a small portion of the population is black (like 19% or so) and look at crime stats. why is it so disproportionate? blacks are a smaller segment of the population but commit crimes at a higher rate per population numbers. White people (in general) are not bad. if they are then black people in general are bad. How about Bad people are Bad. Not the color of people!!!! Remember if you dress like a thug you will be considered a thug 1st impression means everything.

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