Veterans Day 5 event raises money for veterans home, honors service members

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.- Saturday's chilly weather didn't stop people from coming out to show their support and gratitude for veterans and active service members at the Veterans Day 5 event at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

There was something for everyone, including a five-mile run, a 5K and remembrance walk. It also gave veterans a chance to meet fellow military members.

“I think just like with any military event, it’s a lot of, it seems like you’re automatically friends from the start. You know everyone or you know their experience,” says Dionn Marshall, a veteran who attended the event.

At the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans, Veterans Day is a time when families can get together to honor those who have served, or are currently serving.

“This year our daughter’s also in the military, so she’s in Japan. So, we’re not able to bring her but we just like to every day show our respect for the veterans and this one’s a good one because it’s right here at the veterans home," David Marshall tells FOX 17.

SpartanNash hosted a $5 pancake breakfast to benefit the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Others are advocating that the building continues to only be used to serve veterans and their families.

“You’ve got to understand I’m fighting for all veterans. That’s what I care about and that’s what that building should be used for: all of the veterans," Petition Director Linda Scott tells FOX 17.

According to the state, there are over 600,000 veterans living in Michigan and facilities like the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans are always in need of extra hands. If you'd like to volunteer your time, click here.

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