Give your home a holiday look with items from Mi Hometown Furnishings

Changing the look of your home to match with the seasons doesn't have to be a daunting task, just a few simple changes can really make a statement. A great place to turn for those "must have" items is Mi Hometown Furnishings in Lowell.

Owner Heather Palcowski shows off what Christmas-themed items they have to offer in the store, and other locally-made items that will really spruce up the place.

Mi Hometown Furnishings is located at 312 East Main Street in Lowell. For more information call them at (616)-987-3377 or follow them on Facebook.

There's also a great Smart Shopper Steal going on with Great Lakes Furnishings and Mi Hometown Furnishings. Customers can buy a certificate valued at $100, for the price of $50; that's a $50 savings! Supplies are limited, so click the Smart Shopper Steals link to get one.

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