Hudsonville schools end teacher-led Bible study

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. – Hudsonville Public Schools have ended a teacher-led Bible study at an elementary school.

The district says that they were not aware of the class until the Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists brought it to their attention.

That organization says that the classes were every Friday.  They say they alerted the district after receiving complaints from parents.



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  • Clucko

    The ACLU received complaints from parents? I’m betting that they didn’t. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of times that I agreed with the ACLU, and this time wouldn’t be one.

    • matt

      ensuring that kids coming into puberty having no sex. ed is a great way to get on the show 16 and pregnant. history clearly shows that areas with higher sex. ed and access to contraceptives have a far lower teen pregnancy problem. regardless of you wacky religion. Do you remember being 15? do you remember how little you cared about the consequences of your actions? Did you give any credence to the bullshit “abstinence first” policies.

  • gonk

    A complaint from one activist parent, I’m sure. Never mind the several parents who were happy to have their children participate. Government schools need to stop caving to these anti-American organizations and start teaching constitutional law in context.

    • matt

      your an idiot. constitutional law CLEARLY STATES. “separation of church and state” This is a publicly funded school by the state. if you want your child to be taught christianity you can pay to send them to hudsonville christian.

      • Dan

        No where in the constitution does it say the phrase “separation of church and state”. It states that congress shall not infringe on the rights of free religion. Who’s rights were infringed upon here? No one was forced to attend, no one was punished for not going. This was a strictly voluntary group, and by the LAW OF THE LAND, aka the constitution, they have the right to meet. Being a public school doesn’t mean the bible is banned. So how about instead of calling someone and idiot, you learn the law yourself. I’ll say it again, “separation of church and state” DOES NOT EXIST IN THE CONSTITUTION!!!!

  • Phil Anderson

    xAs a graduate of HHS in 1977, the “standard” ,for many years, was to give each graduating Senior a bible of their “choice” using school funds. Even at the tender age of 18 I realized this was not right, but I didn’t dare make an issue of it. The climate in Hudsonville back then was to push the conservative, fundamental, Protestant agenda, particularly if you didn’t agree with it. As you can see, it hasn’t changed much in 40 years