Michigan ranked #11 on list for food and drink

Restaurant Week Kicks Off in Grand Rapids

Photo from Restaurant Week Grand Rapids - 2013

MICHIGAN – The state of Michigan is becoming a tourist destination, not just for our lakes and forests, but now also our food.

The list-making website Thrillist.com has put together a list of all 50 states in the country, ranked by their food and drink.  Michigan comes in just outside the top 10 at #11.

The post gives Michigan high points on being the birthplace of some foods that are now very common around the country, like Little Caesars and Dominos pizza, and food varieties in Detroit, Traverse City and Grand Rapids.  We also get bonus points for farmers markets, fish frys and venison chili.  We lose points for all the roadkill one may see while driving to a restaurant.

The top five states were California, Texas, New York, Louisiana and Tennessee (in order, 1-5).  The bottom five were New Hampshire, Delaware, Nebraska, North Dakota and West Virginia (in order 46-50).  Illinois, at least the Chicago part, came in #7.

Check out this video from Restaurant Week GR – 2017.  You’ll get hungry.


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