Sheriff’s office investigating destruction of 50 mailboxes

TALLMADGE TWP. — Police are investigating after about 50 mailboxes were found to be destroyed by vandals Thursday morning.

Deputies with the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office were initially called to take a report regarding a mailbox that had been destroyed on 8th Avenue in Tallmadge Twp.  As deputies began investigating, they discovered it was not an isolated incident.

Mailboxes were found to have been destroyed starting near Kenowa and Burton St in Kent County.  Deputies say the suspects traveled north on Kenowa, west on Luce St. and then north on 8th Ave.  They finished their path of destruction after hitting a few more mailboxes west on Johnson.

Deputies say the vandals ended up destroying about fifty mailboxes.

Another incident happened around the same timeframe, and in the same area, on Woodgate in Tallmadge.  Here the suspects used a golf club to break out the window of a 2005 Saturn van.

Anyone with any information on these crimes is asked to call the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office at (800) 249-0911 or can leave a tip at (877) 88-SILENT.

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1 Comment

  • Clucko

    The jerks that did this probably don’t realize that mailboxes are federal property, and if convicted, the punishment for vandalism can be extremely severe. I hope the cops catch them so they can find out.