Snyder signs law that refers to residents as Michiganders

 LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Are you a Michigander or a Michiganian?
A new state law favors using the term Michigander.
Gov. Rick Snyder in recent days signed a 13 -bill package related to moderninzing laws related to historical markers.
A portion of one bill defines residents of the state as Michiganders and removes references to the term Michiganians.

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  • Wings

    Is this what we are Paying our legislators to do????? We have enough laws on the books, this one is really stupid, and a WASTE of time and Money from our legislators. This is why we need a part time legislation.
    And do not call me a Michigander, I am from Michigan. Again, waste of tax payers money.

      • Wings

        Sounds like You can not handle the Truth. Michigan has more laws on the books than any other state or we are in the top five. Most of these laws are out dated and should be removed, just like this one.
        So speak for your self and look in the mitt or before you comment