Using a spear to hunt frogs may soon be allowed in Michigan

Frogs Sitting on Rock - Getty Images

LANSING, Mich. – You may very soon be able to hunt frogs with a spear all year round in Michigan.

The Michigan House of Representatives Thursday passed a bill to repeal a part of the natural resources and environmental protection act of 1994 which banned taking or killing any species of frogs between November 16 to the Friday before the opening of black bass season.

The repeal also ends a prohibition of spearing frogs at any time with the aid of an artificial light.

The Michigan Senate passed their version of the bill in June.  The House vote passed by a 69-39 margin.  The House also voted 84-24 to prohibit hunting reptiles or amphibians for commercial purposes.

The bill’s opponents say frog-spearing is inhumane and frogs need protection to breed.  Supporters say the legislation promotes outdoor recreation and it makes no sense to prohibit frog-spearing with a flashlight because hunters already can use artificial light to net or hook frogs.

Frog-spearing — or “gigging” — is supposedly popular among young people in southern states.

The Senate bill was sponsored by Senator Darwin Booher, whose district includes Mason County.


The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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    • Mac Woods

      Are you aware of the reproductive capabilities of frogs? Good God man. That and the physical effort required for a successful hunt virtually guarantees that the only people out in the swamps chucking spears at the agile amphibians (you’re going to miss 96 out of 100 attempts) will be the rural poor. Relax.

      • Clucko

        Very much aware. We used to hunt them when we were kids, and we had better aim than 4% of attempts. If, as an adult, your happy slogging around in the muck, fine. But, for the size of bullfrogs up here the only thing you’ll get is satisfaction in the hunt and not a full stomach.