Many success stories at Skin Envy Non-Surgical Weight Loss Center

If you have tried everything to lose weight,  don't give up yet! There are some other great options at Skin Envy Non-Surgical Weight Loss Center for both men and women.

The great thing is, all three of the products are interchangeable. Sermorelin is an anti-aging shot that helps your immune system, your skin tone, muscle mass, body fat and will help you sleep, according to owner Stephanie Davison. Another key component in weight loss success stories is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG. This is already in our bodies in abundance because of the chemicals and hormones they put in our foods and it affects our metabolism, Davison explains.  During the 40 day program at Skin Envy, the HCG protects our skin and muscle mass, allowing our body to go for stored body fat that it does not need and uses it for fuel. Finally, something that has been around for 60 years is Mesotherapy. This is spot reduction of cellulite and fat. This is done by numbing an area with a syringe and then phosphitile colline, an amino acid that occurs naturally in the body. What happens is, it plumps up the fat cells, liquidizes fat within the cells and leaves your body through urine.

Through a special promotion, FOX  17 Morning  Mix viewers can try the HCG for $500 (orig. $750) along with getting 50 percent off Mesotherapy packages, which start at $650. Act fast because the promotion ends Friday, Dec. 8 at 5 p.m. Simply go to to learn more. Skin Envy has locations in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo.

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