Another round of snow Friday night

WEST MICHIGAN- Yesterday's snow totals ranged from a dusting in a few locations to over 6 inches in others yesterday.  That's the nature of lake effect snow, as many of us have come to expect.  We're going to be dealing with a little more widespread snowfall beginning tonight, however.

A Winter Weather Advisory begins tonight at 9 PM and last until Saturday night.  There's also a Winter Storm Warning that begins at 1 AM for Berrien County...they'll be battling some very heavy snow later tonight.

While the snow will begin around 9 PM, it won't spread throughout West Michigan until around midnight.  This will be the timeframe in which heavy snow bands continue to develop as it carries into the overnight hours.

Scattered snow showers remain in place even after sunrise tomorrow.  Expect off and on snow during the day tomorrow.  Most of the accumulation will take place overnight, however.  This will be enhanced by the lake, rather than strictly lake effect snow.  What I mean by that is this system will develop snow on its own, but as it approaches the lake, the wind will enhance existing snow bands.

Snowfall totals increase the closer to the lakeshore that you are.  Much like the yesterday, the further north and east you are, the less likely you are to see much snow.  The higher totals in Berrien County are due to the lasting lake effect snow into Saturday night.


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