Woman unaware she’s pregnant gives birth to surprise baby boy

LITTLETON, Colo. – Amy Littlefield had no idea she was five months pregnant when she delivered her son Cayden.

“Absolutely crazy that he’s here,” the Colorado mom told KDVR, adding it's still hard for her to put the experience into words.

On Sept. 14, Littlefield rushed to the Swedish Southwest Emergency Room in Littleton with severe abdominal pain. That’s where doctors told her she was pregnant and about to deliver her baby. Within two hours Cayden was born.

At just 1-pound-10-ounces, he was an extremely tiny and fragile baby. He was rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Health One in Denver where he would spend the next three months. Littlefield says it’s been a terrifying ordeal.

“Things change minute by minute, hour by hour. They can be doing fantastic one day and the next day not so much,” said Littlefield.

But today Cayden is thriving. He does have a heart murmur, which Littlefield says is common in preemies. But is doing well enough to go home soon weighing more than 5 pounds now. She will be eternally grateful to the nurses and doctors who have taken care of him.

Littlefield says she didn’t know she was pregnant because had just given birth to a girl nine months prior. She was still breastfeeding and never really felt any symptoms.

Cayden is going home on Dec. 13. That’s the same day as his sister’s first birthday. She says Cayden has been Littlefield’s greatest unexpected gift of all. He is her miracle.

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