Volunteers provide a happy holiday season at Guiding Light Mission

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Guiding Light Mission put on their annual Christmas meal in Grand Rapids on Sunday, helping those who are homeless and down on their luck.

Each year, Guiding Light’s holiday meal attracts more than 300 guests and it’s a real treat for those receiving and serving the meals.

It’s the season of giving and on Sunday, more than 300 volunteers came together at Guiding Light Mission in Grand Rapids, to give a warm meal to those in need.

Free winter hats were offered outside at the door and once inside guests were treated to a large holiday meal with all the sides.

“We got some great festive music and it’s a nice warm environment," said volunteer, John Hair.

Food was served by volunteers who say they’re happy to be a part of something positive.

“I’m very impressed with this organization. It takes a special heart and awareness to be able to help these men get off the street and get into a program and find some sobriety, go through a re training process and get back into the community and be a positive influence on the community, “said Hair.

Everyone is always invited every year and it takes a big effort to pull this with a lot of the food being donated.

“I’m loving it,” said Philip Goolsby. “You got a lot of homeless people who don’t want to be homeless. We need people to step up and help us.”

Guiding Light was founded back in 1929. By 2017  they helped more than 160 men find full time work and housing.


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