Explore the sea with GRPM’s Finny the Whale in a whole new VR experience

There's so much to see and experience at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, but one of the most fascinating things hovers high above: Finny the Whale.

Many people see the skeleton of the 1905 finback whale as they enter the museum, but visitors don't know much about him or his story. Now visitors can find out all about Finny in a brand new interactive exhibit called "Meet Finny."

Museum-goers can put on the virtual reality googles, and see Finny swimming around in the ocean while learning about whale anatomy. Guests can also interact with two video touchscreens to learn more about finback whales, and how Finny came to be at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum.

Visitors can see this exhibit, along with other special exhibits and events, with the whole family during Snowflake Break at the museum happening December 23 - January 7.

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is located at 272 Pearl Street North West. For more information about the exhibit, visit grpm.org.

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