Name change and makeover in store for iconic showboat in Lowell

LOWELL, Mich–  Four months after city leaders announced the iconic showboat in Lowell was getting a new name, they’re releasing new information on the boat’s future.

Officials tell FOX 17 the boat will simply be known as The Lowell Showboat, something they say it’s already been called in the community for years. The move comes after leaders announced they were removing the name Robert E. Lee from the back of the boat, following racially-motivated rallies in Virginia over the summer.

Lowell’s City Manager says the boat will also be getting a makeover which includes enclosing the boat on its first two floors.

“It’s going to be a floating structure in the river, and we can move it if needed. But it’s not going to technically be a boat, like a ‘boat, boat,’ because it can’t go down the river and all that,” said City Manager Michael Burns. “It’s just going to be basically on a barge system where if we needed to move it to a different location, we could do that.”

Money for the project is coming from both the state and fundraising efforts. The city hopes to have the job done by the end of next summer.

As for the old Robert E. Lee sign from the boat, it will be donated to the local museum.

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  • Robert E Lee

    what a joke! Lowell sux!!! I rode that boat a few times when i was a kid. Politically correct BS. How does making a historic boat into a barge keep its history. if your not going to make it like it used to be tear the f–ker down! with them enclosing the 1st 2 floors it will be ugly as shit!!!

  • On It

    Lowell joins up with the NFL on the road to their pc ruin. Enjoy. When we dishonor our history, & our flag, we are lost as a nation. Lowell should be ashamed to have allowed this travesty.

  • Tim

    Always wondered why the Lowell community so proudly displayed a loser… Great football & wrestling programs, wonderful schools, growing downtown, yet smack in the middle a boat named after a loser… It’s great that the boat is being renamed, if you’re upset about that and you don’t like losers – it must be the racist thing you’re going to miss. Oh well, evolve or move South.

    • On It

      You pull the racist card, classic. Then you say we must evolve…..another progressive fave like how obama evolved on his gay marriage stance AFTER he got elected on his between one man & one woman stance.

      • Tim

        Well, yes… you are correct. If someone changes their mind or feelings about something and doesn’t go back to their original thinking they have evolved, that is latterly the definition of evolve (to develop gradually). As for playing the racist card, the name Robert E Lee plays that. He was the commander of the confederate army who wanted to maintain slavery – the belief that one racial group is superior over another is the definition of racist. Why do you want to keep the showboat named Robert E Lee?

        • On It

          Robert E Lee did not believe in slavery. He believed in standing for his homeland. He was a great & honorable man. If we taught proper history these days, people would know that.