Local community surprises beloved woman by singing Christmas carols at her home

HOLLAND, Mich. — Rose Nurrie for years called her customers "sweetie" and "darlin’" when they walked through the door. She worked in customer service at few stores in the Holland-Zeeland area, like Walgreens and Toys-R-Us, and she always made sure to greet them. Saturday night, dozens of them surprised her at her home singing Christmas carols and saying ‘I love you.’

“This is pretty special,” said Nurrie with Christmas lights around her neck while holding a bouquet of roses. “I just don’t know what to say to you people. I really don’t.”

The crowd sang all of the classics from O’ Come All Ye Faithful to Jingle Bells. Nurrie tried to sing along but she continually hugged people as they approached her. Friend Rebecca Robrahn was one of them.

“We just decided it’d be fun to come caroling,” said Robrahn who organized the event. “I’m just thrilled that everyone’s here.”

Nurrie was too, she said. She met many of them years ago when she was working. However when she stopped, only a few had heard from her.

“I had a photo pop up on my Facebook memories,” said Robrahn. “I had taken a picture of her around six years ago and it popped up and I just wondered what happened to her.”

Robrahn said she asked others on social media about Nurrie's whereabouts on Monday. By the end of the day she received about a thousand responses. Immediately she began planning the caroling event, which was all a  surprise to Nurrie.

“I want you all to know I appreciate [this],” said Nurrie. “I’ve had a pretty quiet four years since my husband has died. My life has really changed a lot. So you have no idea, no idea how much this means.”

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