West Michigan skiers and snowboarders welcome a white Christmas

OTSEGO, Mich.-- Skiers and snowboarders in west Michigan took advantage of one of the whitest Christmases the area has seen in years.

Even in the bitter cold, Bittersweet Ski Resort was packed on Monday with visitors eager to hit the slopes.

"We need the snow. Once we have the snow everybody comes out so that’s it," Bittersweet's marketing director, Tom Smitchls tells FOX 17.

Sunday night's snowfall is just what they've been waiting for after quite a few brown and green Christmases.

“It’s been a little shaky, we made last (year) but it was a short holiday weekend," Smitchls says.

The staff at Bittersweet got a Christmas dinner to enjoy during breaks. For staff members like Steve Halstead, working at Bittersweet has become their Christmas tradition.

“It’s just fun to be out here with the kids and older folks like myself, learning how to do a new thing," Halstead says.


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