How to get FOX 17 on the new devices you received for Christmas

FOX 17 - Did you get a new electronic device for Christmas? Be sure you know how to get all the FOX 17 news and information from them that you can.

If you are one of the thousands of people who got an Amazon Echo, you can get FOX 17 news and weather headlines updated twice a day.  To get that feature, search "WXMI" and then say "Alexa, give me my weather" or "Alexa, give me my news" and you'll get the latest update from FOX 17.

If you received a Roku device for live streaming, you can get video highlights from FOX 17, by searching for "WXMI" or "FOX 17".  Services are expected to be on Amazon Fire and Apple TV soon, if not already.

In past years, we've made sure that you get the FOX 17 News and Weather Apps transferred over or downloaded on your new iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxys, and whatnot.  Here's that info:



These new apps have settings so you can receive separate alerts for breaking news, weather, and traffic. You can also see all the latest school closings and cancellations as well.

You can also tailor what kind of news your receive by using the “My News” feature.  This allows you to get news that is just for the area where you live.  You can also get alerts for when news is posted for your area.


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