Michigan asks higher court to intervene in license dispute

DETROIT (AP) — The state of Michigan is trying to stop a court order that prevents officials from suspending the driver’s licenses of people who can’t afford traffic fines.

Lawyers representing the secretary of state have filed an emergency request with a federal appeals court. They hope the court will respond by Thursday.

The state says a Dec. 14 injunction by Flint federal Judge Linda Parker is a “deep, unwarranted intrusion” on Michigan’s police powers. The judge said there’s a strong likelihood that the due process rights of poor people are being violated when their licenses are suspended for failure to pay fines.

But the state says drivers have plenty of notice. The state also says there’s no guidance from the judge about how courts are supposed to determine an inability to pay.

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  • Chris

    “Plenty” of time to pay? Really? Sure would like to know how they think 10 days is plenty of time to come up with $100 or more! Get real!

  • Clyde Brown

    I tend to agree with the judge, Due process is a constitutional issue and has many individual applications. Another thing due to this same area of reasoning could involve, losing one’s house to taxes. Having your car towed away from being stuck in snow then having fines,fees and storage be another way government uses one lawsuit or municipal rule, cite or practice for a general catch all to impound your property. Then due to lack of funds and an ever accruing bill for storage preventing a poor person to reclaim their car. Their are many other ways poor people get the short end,