Customers demand refund for unplowed driveways

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. -- More snow on the way for West Michigan and that means more snow that needs to be shoveled from driveways. Many avoid all that shoveling by choosing to pay for snow plow services. But one company may not be doing the snow removal they promised.

Many angry customers taking to social media to express their frustrations.

FOX 17 News talked with an alleged victim who says she heard about the company online. She's upset that she paid them $220 dollars and they never removed any snow.

"So I had to shovel and I hurt my shoulder and have carpel tunnels," says Teresa Wysocki. "And it took me two hours to shovel. I told them I want my money back. But I never heard back from them."

Janet Gudino's driveway is plowed now but she says it's no thanks to ProScape Lawn and Snow, the company she hired to remove the snow.

"I saw this flyer and they made all sorts of promises. Like they would come and plow after the city came.  That they would plow your mailbox and come more often than most services," Gudino said.  "I thought that sounds like a good deal, so I ordered them and I payed."

It may have seemed too good to be true, but she paid them $250 with her credit card.  The promises were not upheld and she says at best they only came and plowed once. Every time she calls for an explanation, it goes to voicemail.

"Thank you for calling Pro Scape Lawn and Snow," the company's voicemail message says. "For those of you expecting Kelly, she is taking a few days off."

Nathaniel Gomez, of Hudsonville, says he had a similar experience with the company. He heard about Pro Scape Lawn and Snow through a family member and decided to take a chance.

"The driver came out and looked at it. And I got a call from someone, I believe her name was Kelly, and she said they could do it for $310."

He scraped together the money to have snow removed from his driveway for the season, but he says it was only plowed once, weeks ago.

"I think we called them at least three or four times and sent emails," Gomez said. "Each time we called no one answered."

Gomez says they replied via email on Dec. 10.

"Stating that they were sorry for their poor performance... And then it also says we were forced to terminate another employee who was caught using drugs while on the job," Gomez said.

On Dec. 17, he replied with an email demanding a refund and he says he's not alone.

"I was on Facebook and there were other people asking if they had the same problem," Gomez said.

"I would love to have a refund," Gudino said. "I would love to have my driveway plowed too. It's either one or the other."

In the future, the people who feel cheated say they will definitely research a plow company before sending them a payment.

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  • Meghan

    I didn’t research them any more or less than a previous plow company I used when I lived in NE GR. They provided me a quote based on driveway size and had a list of their guarantees on the contract. I, thankfully, paid with a credit card so am disputing the charge and hoping for a refund that way. But this company really needs to give the disappointed people their money back. My husband has shoveled 1-2x per day with all the snow since Christmas Eve. Definitely regret going with Proscape Lawn and Snow!

    • Meghan

      I should add they did have some good reviews from summer services and last year so thought that was a safe bet when making my decision

  • Chris

    I was also a victim of these schisters! I went to my Credit Card company because I used them to pay for my service (if you can call it that). I hired Proscape because they seemed reputable and were so nice and accommodating on the phone (they must have felt I was a sucker). I am having a hip replacement in three weeks. I am beyond angry and disappointed with these people. All they did in the beginning was throw out excuses. Then they stopped answering the phone. I got stuck in my driveway today because they didn’t plow…thanks Proscape! I believe in Karma.

    • Chris

      PS – Just like Meghan, I also researched them and other companies. Proscape seemed legit. I am not sure if they just had a domino bad luck thing happen or if they meant to rip us all off from the beginning.

  • Kelly

    I also was taken advantage of Proscape. They plowed my drive one time on December 14 and haven’t been back. They left a mess at the bottom of my drive and drove on my neighbor’s lawn. They have refused to return my phone calls and emails. Surprisingly, I was able to contact Kelly, one of the owner’s today at 616-916-3696. I stated that she either refund me my $ today or I would be disputing the charges with my bank. She told me to do what I had to do and hung up on me. I have turned in the dispute form to my bank and I will let them fight to get my $ back.

  • Jim and Dawn VanderVelde

    We too have had very poor service from Pro Scape Lawn and Snow…We paid $255 and have had very little service…my husband is 75 yrs old and has had to shovel a few times with our son. It is not right we had a great service but because of money we went with Pro Scape….we have been taken.

    • Max

      Has anyone had any luck contacting them? Or getting a refund? They will not return calls or emails. I understand they had some bad luck, but they should be refunding the customers.

  • Max

    I also have not received a refund or have I received any contact from them after dozens of emails and voicemail, I am starting to think the only to get a refund will be small claims court.

  • Dawn

    Still waiting to hear from them too…requested a refund after e-mails and try to call many times…no response…that is bad customer service…they are blaming others for their poor service. What will it take to get refunds?