Winter Weather Advisory for Friday Night and Saturday

Residents left in the cold at Wyoming senior living complex

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WYOMING, Mich. - Senior citizens at Pinery Park Apartments are struggling to keep warm, forced to live in abnormally cold temperatures after a possible malfunction with the complex's heating system.

An anonymous tip to FOX 17 News informed our team about the issue on Thursday, leaving elderly residents and people with disabilities living in uncomfortably cold temperatures. One resident said he woke up to temperatures in his living room in the upper-40’s.

A handful of residents allowed FOX 17 into their rooms to use a laser light temperature gauge in the center of multiple apartments and community rooms. One community room we tested read 49 degrees. Joyce Platt, a resident of 11 years, says it’s too cold to even sleep in her own bedroom.

“I use my stove to circulate heat,” Platt said. “I had french fries and a hamburger, the temperature went up two degrees.”

According to law, living facilities in Wyoming are required to keep temperatures above 68 degrees.  So we reached out to management and also made multiple phone calls to the owners of the complex, based in California. FOX 17 did not hear back from either.

However, other findings inside the apartments were just as disturbing as the cold temperatures. A handful of senior citizens we spoke with said they were afraid to voice their concerns, worried the complex will punish them.

So we filed a complaint on behalf of everyone suffering at Pinery Park Apartments to Wyoming City Hall. Inspectors made a same day appointment and promised to fix any emergency problems they would find. Those inspectors left around 4:30 p.m. to file paperwork on our complaint. Supervisors in the office of inspections said they will be making their findings known to the public after the new year.

Those same inspectors also said the apartment’s certificate is good until January 2019, which means the complex recently passed an inspection. Residents say this concerns them, especially given the cold temperatures they’re being forced to endure over the holiday season.

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  • Brenda

    WWe were told that if we would use space heaters a “portion of our electric would be paid for” Not much trust unless I were to get something in writing. I am a tenant here as well.

  • Beth

    They own Tamarisk Apartments as well and they do little to nothing when it comes to repairs for their tenants. Utility bills are through the roof because of bad (and/or broken) windows/insulation. Mold problems(in walls, on windows, in bathrooms), bad roofs, you name it. Management comes to work for their check and tells tenants “Its not in the budget ” to have things fixed.

  • Old Bob

    There are minimum standards property managers have to conform to. Someone who lives there should call the city of Wyoming or what ever city the apartments are located in and file a Complaint. If you’re afraid of retaliation ask to remain anonymous. Crying about something to your self and neighbors isn’t going to get anything done.

    • Mrose

      Well Old Bob not all are able to speak up.or have ways to call.
      My Mom lives there & will not move & Management is horrible.I only found out about this situation Tuesday from the news.The residents want to lose their home.You have a voice & so do I & instead of worrying about what their not doing be their voice.