Volunteers help dogs left outside in frigid temperature

Tulsa, Oklahoma (KJRH) — The Oklahoma Animal Alliance is seeing a spike in calls of dogs being left outside as temperatures in Tulsa dip below freezing.

Volunteers with the Oklahoma Animal Alliance come out to neighborhoods like this one at S 140th East Ave, after residents call in concerned for pups they see chained outside during harsh conditions.

This is just one group of volunteers who have gone to nine houses by Saturday afternoon.

They brought a dog house filled with hay and a blanket to one home after a neighbor called worried about the dog.

The organization is seeing a jump in calls especially with temperatures below freezing in Tulsa.

“It’s too cold for the animals especially the shorter furred dogs that aren’t… there are a lot of dogs that aren’t outdoor dogs and like I said if you’re cold, they’re cold,” said Jan Sullivan, volunteer with the Oklahoma Animal Alliance.

The OAA provides free blankets, hay, dog houses and coats, even fencing for homes to keep the pups from running away.

The organization thrives off of donations. If you’d like to help you can visit their Facebook page at Oklahoma Animal Alliance.


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