Singer Carrie Underwood also injured her face in fall

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Country singer Carrie Underwood is bringing in 2018 by sharing more details about more injuries that she suffered after a fall that broke her wrist.

In a blog post to fans on New Year’s Day Underwood says she sustained a facial injury that required 40-50 stitches and that she’s “not quite looking the same.”

She says that she is grateful the injuries weren’t much worse and for the people who have helped her since the November accident. She also cautioned fans that she might not look the same when she’s ready to be seen on camera again.

“I’m hoping that, by then, the differences are minimal, but, again, I just don’t know how it’s all going to end up.”

Underwood also says she’ll be in the studio next week.

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1 Comment

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    Carrie plays the guitar, doesn’t she? Does she ever play it when she performs on stage? If that were the case, the wrist injury could have been enough to make her cancel gigs.

    Kris shattered his wrist less than 2 weeks before he went out on tour back in 2013. After he had the initial surgery he still did the tour, but he couldn’t play guitar and he was hopped up on painkillers for pretty much every show (he even jokingly admitted that). So if Carrie plays any instrument(s) during her show, that wrist injury would be a big problem, regardless of any other injuries.