Try Kombucha, a healthier alternative for soda

Many people are coming up with New Year's resolutions to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves this year. One way to kick-start a healthier lifestyle is to stop drinking sugary soda, but it can be hard to cut it out of the diet completely.

There's a substitute from Harvest Health Foods that not only has the taste of soda, but is full of healthy nutrients and way less sugar called Kombucha.

While Kombucha has less sugar in the drink, there is a second element in the liquid called SCOBEY, which provides Kombucha with its nutrition and flavor.

Kombucha provides the body with natural ingredients, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, probiotics, and more. Drinking Kombucha can help with digestion, detoxification, joint health, weight loss, and act as an immunity booster.

Leigh Ann went to Harvest Health foods to try locally made, organic Kombucha and discover it's health benefits.

Harvest Health Foods has three locations:

  • 1944 Eastern Avenue, Grand Rapids
  • 6807 Cascade Road, Grand Rapids
  • 4150 32nd Avenue, Hudsonville

To learn more about Kombucha and other healthy foods they sell, visit

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1 Comment

  • paul

    your body needs/requires H2O to maintain life/good healthy bodily function..anything else in your liquid intake is superfluous and sometimes or most times have a negative impact on your health… dont get sucked in by all the silly claims from corporations that produce liquids for you to consume… who are beholding to shareholders…and dont give a crap about you or your long term health.