Extra deer hunting season opens in parts of Montcalm and Ionia counties

BELDING, Mich. - Starting Thursday, hunters can head back into the woods in a small West Michigan area to help the DNR with chronic wasting disease surveillance.

The Department of Natural Resources is allowing firearm deer hunting January 4-7 and January 11-14 on public and private land in the following townships:

Montcalm County

  • Day
  • Ferris
  • Evergreen
  • Crystal
  • Bushnell
  • Bloomer

Ionia County

  • Otisco
  • Orleans
  • Ronald
  • North Plains
  • Keene
  • Easton
  • Ionia
  • Lyons

Hunters who get a deer are required to take the deer's head to one of six checking locations.  Those are:

  • The Flat River State Game Area Office - 6640 Long Lake Road in Belding
  • Parr's Deer Processing - 2028 W. County Farm Road in Sheridan
  • Blanchard's Thriftway Deer Processing - 903 S. Main Street in Crystal
  • Village Market - 10715 E. Carson City Road in Carson City
  • Slater's Deer Processing - 1224 Prairie Creek Road in Ionia
  • Jones Farm Market - 7965 Potters Road in Saranac

Deer hunting licenses are still valid. Baiting is not permitted.  For more details, click here.

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