Driver in fatal crash booked on unrelated drug charges

Joseph Hanna

KENT COUNTY, Mich. — One of the drivers involved in a crash last week that left a U.S. Marine dead was taken into police custody afterwards on unrelated charges.

Michigan State Police released information Monday that 39-year-old Joseph Hanna was driving the other vehicle involved in a crash on 14 Mile, near Wabasis, that killed U.S. Marine Joel Kinsey, 20. Police said that Hanna’s vehicle had tried to pass the other vehicle, driven by Joel Kinsey’s father, and the two collided.  The Kinseys lost control and were struck by a van.

According to court records, Hanna was taken into custody on the day of the crash on unrelated charges.  An arrest affidavit filed in Kent County shows Hanna was booked on a charge of operating a drug laboratory in relation to a fire at his Sparta residence back in June.  Police believe he was ‘making butane hash oil when the butane ignited blowing up the residence,’ according to the affidavit.

Scene of the June fire

MSP tells FOX 17 that they are still investigating the crash that killed Joel Kinsey and will forward their findings to the prosecutor’s office for potential charges once that is complete.

Hanna pled guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge in 2004.  He is expected back in court on the most recent drug charge next week.

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