Fake Dearborn story making rounds on ‘fake news’ sites

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FOX 17/AP – A news article being circulated around on social media regarding an incident in Michigan has been shown to be fake.

FOX 17 received a tip on a story from PoliceTimes.info about a raid on a mosque outside of Dearborn which netted 11 arrests of ISIS terrorists and other terror-related materials.

The Associated Press reports that the article first appeared on a website called ReaganWasRight.  The news article quotes an official from the Department of Refugee Affairs, which is not the name of a federal agency.  The photo accompanying the story was originally published in a story about Guyana three years ago.

Other reputable news outlets point out that the ReaganWasRight website has a notice that the website is meant to be satirical.

The AP also quotes FBI spokesman Timothy Wiley saying there is no truth to the report.

If you receive this story in your news feeds, send it back to your friend and tell them to stop spreading fake news.

From the AP Fact Checker:

NOT REAL: Late Night Raid On Michigan Mosque Nets 11 ISIS Terrorists and More Than 40 Vests

THE FACTS: FBI spokesman Timothy Wiley said there’s no truth to the report that went viral when first published on conservative site ReaganWasRight of a raid on a mosque in Dearborn, Michigan. The report said suicide vests were found and quoted an official from the Department of Refugee Affairs — which is not the name of a federal agency — as saying a terror attack was imminent. A photo of police cars that accompanied the story appears to have been first published in a story about an unrelated arrest in Guyana three years ago.

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  • On It

    So quick to throw a label on a conservative site. When will you label cnn? Oh, that’s right, all your ‘real’ stories come from cnn so…………

    • Jim

      This “conservative” website was peddling fake news. The website is a propaganda campaign, and only exists to target you with fake news. Hence the name “ReagenWasRight”.

      CNN is a trusted media organization. It’s held accountable when it gets things wrong.

      The president tells you otherwise because he’s trying to build a cult of personality around himself. He’s a shameless liar. He paints his face orange, wears a toupe and tells people he’s a successful business man, even though he’s not.

  • Dale Adcock

    The only reason misled conservatives can’t tell the difference between fake news and real news is that they are only looking for confirmation for their bias. The only reason Trump is encouraging that is he is a con man and wanna be authoritarian dictator. All dictators maintain their base with lies, as does he. 2000 lies since the election and counting, per the Washington Post. That is not fake news, but the base needs to discredit it to avoid the awful truth that they have been had, so that is what they call it. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/fact-checker/wp/2018/01/10/president-trump-has-made-more-than-2000-false-or-misleading-claims-over-355-days/?utm_term=.5131212af3b5

    • Don

      The real dictator did not make it too office. She needs to make it to prison. Fake news on either side is not good. But the difference is the conservative fake news comes from these odd sites, the Liberal fake news comes from CNN, MSNBC< ABC and CBS

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