Detroit man deported after 30 years in US; leaves wife and kids

DETROIT — A man who lived in Michigan for almost 30 years has been deported.

Jorge Garcia was surrounded by his wife and two children shortly before he boarded a plane to Mexico Monday.

Garcia’s wife Cindy says their family got some bad legal help and it set them back. They have been working on finding him a path to citizenship for the last 13 years.

They recently checked in with immigration services, and that’s when they were told he had to leave.

“Yes, he was brought here at 10 years old and yes, he entered the country illegally, but he has no criminal record… he deserves to be here in a country that he’s known — not Mexico,” Cindy said.

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  • Old Bob

    30 years wasn’t long enough for him to take what ever action need to become a resident alien. Lets give him another 30 or 40 years to get it done.

    If there here illegally send them home, just that simple

  • gonk

    Maybe this will spur him on to lead a revolution in Mexico so he can bring his family with him to Mexico and enjoy the freedom and rule of law like we enjoy. If not, apply for legal citizenship and wait, like thousands of others. Wait, did CNN mention the thousands of others while they are trying to pull my heart strings?

  • Peter

    Just what do you think the Mexican Government would have done, if the situation were reversed? He had three decades to show his friends and family how to become an American Citizen the right way. So should any country just open their boarders to anyone without a criminal record, to just freely walk in?